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Altuzarra for Target launches today — See the lookbook!

​Deadmau5 is giving Uber rides in his McLaren

If you are in Toronto, be on the look for a McLaren 650S added to the Uber fleet, driven by a mouse. Deadmau5 tweeted out that he was signing up to be an Uber driver last month and tonight tweets that he’s become a driver (for tonight away). He caps the tweet with “get lucky.”

@deadmau5 ✔

in toronto? need a lift? I’m working for @uber tonight, downtown toronto. get lucky. 10 Sep 2014




  • Kate Mantalini (May 2014)
  • Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset
  • Enoteca Drago (Canon Drive)




My Dad Just Got a Phantom Drone


My Dad Just Got a Drone from Phantom. It locks onto seven satellites to hold it’s place so we can seat it at the dinner table and it keeps hovering while the Earth turns. The drone is currently hovering over our deck in Malibu and acts as a watch dog for passers-by. 

PORTER Issue 4/August14

The Palm is Coming to Canon Drive


Originally Published on: Feb 26, 2013: Heard: The Palm Restauant Moving to Beverly Hills! A little birdie tells us the Palm is moving to Bev Hills! This is unconfirmed but we are finding out more. We shall be cutting out the walls if they dont take them with!! UPDATE (8/20/14): We were right! Palm is coming to Canon…

Tinder, Hinge, Now There’s Linkedup!


While meeting Facebook friends of your Facebook friends through Hinge or Tinder is cool, I think we can all agree there is no vetting standard better than a good clear job history. Do you really care if someone likes music or wine if they are broke or work the night shift. Alright men, before you go getting judgmental,…

Tablet Hotels

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Bonobos Launches on La Brea


Bonobos is more well-known for their innovative marketing than their clothing; even Wharton agrees. Bonobos along with Warby Parker and Harrys are among the latest brands the top business school gives as examples in customer-centric markets like ours (read: not the 50s). We were not surprised to find Bonobos had choosen the hot retail stretch…

Re/code Reports on (hilar but ness) Meeting Called to Order to End the Name ‘Silicon Beach’

“When Mayor Eric Garcetti added the hashtag #SiliconBeach to a tweet, [his newly hired 'tech zcar' Peter] Marx said he got an email “a half-second later” from “a very prominent VC,” who said he was extremely disappointed.” — re/code

In this hilarious article from re/code about the ‘controversy’ of the term Silicon Beach (a term we’ve never used on the Truffle until 10 words ago, and which also annoys us), opinions from successful LA startups ranged from ‘it sounds douchey’ to ‘I f—ing hate it.’ LA venture capitalist Mark Suster says in the article: “There were a few party boys who raised a lot of money who promoted the term — by the way, none of their companies are doing well now — And they promoted the term for one reason: Because I hated it.”

A commentor in the comments section pointed out: “This is round two in trying to name LA’s technology ecosystem. Remember the “Digital Coast”? From February, 1998? http://articles.latimes.com/1998/feb/18/business/fi-20242

Whoops twice, then. Oy. Isn’t this the most creative town on Earth? ISO: New name for LA tech!