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The Guy Who Built the $85M Spec House in Beverly Hills, Also Bought the ‘Wells Fargo Party Pad’ in Malibu

A theater, a wine room, a $200,000 candy bar and pre-stocked Dom Perignon …. all perks in this new $85M home was built on spec by Bruce Makowsky who is the same guy who wound up buying the Malibu Colony home in 2010 where a mortgage officer from Wells Fargo has been squatting after it was seized by the bank from Bernie Madoff victims who could no longer pay their mortgage.

How Many Millennials Made Vanity Fair’s “New Establishment” List?

vanity-fair-new-establishment-list-2014How many billionaires? How many Harvard graduates? How many new entries? Vanity Fair breaks it down on their annual New Establishment list by — founders of hot topics in tech from Tinder to SnapChat, entertainment names like the siblings David and Megan Ellison, along with the obvious — Beyonce — are included among others. [Vanity Fair]

How Young Tech Millionaires Invest

mike zhang young millionaire
Spoiler alert: It’s our friends over at Bel Air Investment Advisors. Mike Zhang 23, became a millionaire recently after he sold an online company he started at the age of 14. Bel Air, which primarily manages money for very wealthy individuals, has been getting a number of new clients like Zhang lately: young, newly-made tech millionaires. Bel Air’s younger clients are putting a sizable chunk in hedge funds, master limited partnerships and real estate as well as safer, income generating assets like bonds. The entrepreneurs also like to keep between 10% and 15% of their assets free to invest in their own ventures or other start-ups. [CNN Money]

Marlon Brando’s, ‘The Brando,’ north of Tahiti’s main island

Marlon Brando’s granddaughter, Tumi Brando (26), shows his private atoll ‘Tetiaroa’ in French Polynesia — 30 miles north of Tahiti’s main island that Brando discovered while filming ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ in 1960. It now houses ‘The Brando’, an eco-resort Brando had envisioned years ago.


PORTER Issue 4/August14


Altuzarra for Target launches today — See the lookbook!

Polo Ralph Lauren’s NYFW 4D Presentation on Water

Polo Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2015 presentation for New York Fashion Week on Monday incorporated a 4D runway and holographic models. High-resolution images of New York City landmarks were projected onto a water screen measuring 60 feet tall and 150 feet wide, and holographic renderings of models showed the fashions. (Courtesy of Ralph Lauren)

My Dad Just Got a Phantom Drone

My Dad Just Got a Drone from Phantom. It locks onto seven satellites to hold it’s place so we can seat it at the dinner table and it keeps hovering while the Earth turns. The drone is currently hovering over our deck in Malibu and acts as a watch dog for passers-by. 

L.A. Hot List




  • Kate Mantalini (May 2014)
  • Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset
  • Enoteca Drago (Canon Drive)




The Palm is Coming to Canon Drive


Originally Published on: Feb 26, 2013: Heard: The Palm Restauant Moving to Beverly Hills! A little birdie tells us the Palm is moving to Bev Hills! This is unconfirmed but we are finding out more. We shall be cutting out the walls if they dont take them with!! UPDATE (8/20/14): We were right! Palm is coming to Canon…

Tinder, Hinge, Now There’s Linkedup!


While meeting Facebook friends of your Facebook friends through Hinge or Tinder is cool, I think we can all agree there is no vetting standard better than a good clear job history. Do you really care if someone likes music or wine if they are broke or work the night shift. Alright men, before you go getting judgmental,…