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Finally, a site about Los Angeles written by people who are actually from Los Angeles ….

The Daily Truffle is a Los Angeles social diary written by L.A.Natives, Hollywood Children, Local Celebrities and kids from the Los Angeles prep school scene. See our Contributors.

Known as the press you invite when you don’t want press, intel is submitted through upwards of 100 friends of the Truffle, loosely known as “Truffle Hunters”, without which this site would never be possible.

Being new is not enough. We deliver INTEL not INFO. To make it on our radar, a person place or thing must have cache. The Daily Truffle delivers intelligence on everything relevant in Los Angeles.

The Daily Truffle was coined  “The L.A. Social Diary” by TheWrap.com, the “The most knowledgeable blog about life in L.A.” by the Hollywood Reporter’s twitter, and “Gossip Girls” by L.A. Weeekly. An L.A. Times society reporter once announced upon spotting two key writers for site: “You know it’s a party if The Daily Truffle shows up!” An outgoing editor of one of our major competitors emailed us after her departure to say “The Daily Truffle is truly the insider site for LA.”

Send juice, blind items and party info! Use the comment box to send us a private message only we will see. If you need to send a longer email pls use tips@dailytruffle.net

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