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We offer readers:

  • Comprehensive events calendar
  • Exclusive nightlife and event coverage
  • Fashion week coverage
  • Slide shows
  • Giveaways (gift bags, event tickets)
  • Party Lists (Sundance, Oscars)
  • Social media includes YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Syndicated content to Huffington Post, HauteLiving, AOL’s Patch and more.

Who are our readers:

  • High net-worth individuals, tastemakers, influencers & leading edge consumers
  • 80% live in Los Angeles
  • 250K+ Average HHI
  • 40,000+ unique visitors / month
  • 100,000+ pageviews / month
  • 18 – 24, 25 – 34, 35+ age ranges
  • Women (60%) / Men (40%)
  • College Educated (86%)
  • Non-primary bases include Southern California, New York, Europe, Australia


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*Banner ads are given category exclusivity for the duration of an ad run, and will rotate with other ads

Other Types of Advertisements:

  • Background take-overs:  $500 a week
  • Social media outreach: $100
  • e-blasts / newsletter: $250
  • Sponsored stories (advertorials): $500 - $1000
  • Sponsored sections: $1000 & up  

What is influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the belief that seeding a product or idea among certain individuals will have a trickling effect that is often more effective than direct advertising. Many major brands and products believe in influencer marketing and regularly hire professional marketers and event planners to access these networks that we are proud to call our core readership.

Why Choose Us:

We are small, nimble and effective! The Daily Truffle works with our advertisers to help them create the best ad possible and if it’s not getting traction, we let you know!

Don’t waste your precious money on magazines that claim a big circulation but actually just forcefully deliver to people who don’t subscribe. Try opting out of ‘stop throwing this magazine in my driveway …”, there is not an unsubscribe button for that!

Don’t pay a fortune just to get lost on a major website. Are they your target or just some joe-schmoe who clicked the first link on Google? We can all play the SEO game if we have enough ad dollars to waste! The key question is, are you trying to get to literally anyone who will possibly become a customer? Or do you have some idea of your key demo? We thought so!

We have a proven readership of people who trust us, and trust our content — even the ads! Our motto is, it’s not enough just to be new, or have a celebrity show up to your party … We cover intel, not info.

Caroline M. Roman
The Daily Truffle


Selected Advertisers:

Bonhams, Marriott Hotel, Barnes & Noble, Tablet Hotels, GroundLink, Net-A-Porter.