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About the Founder

Photo: Me and my brother at Eden Roc

I hail from Beverly Hills like my parents did before me. I have a brother, half-sister, two ex-step-sisters, a step-brother and a half-sister and lots of step parents. I use to have a miniature pony named Mahalo when I was 12 and two Lhalso Apsos named Butterscotch and Carmel. I have gone to Buckley, John Thomas Dye, Westlake, Harvard-Westlake, Beverly and boarding schools in Switzerland (Le Rosey, Villa Pirrefeu) and Vermont (The Putney School).

As a child, my brother and I were very close … We built dunk tanks, paint-balled our neighbors, made up games like “balloon ball” and “water-bed football”. We establish highly organized karate leagues and pillow fighting associations, just for the two of us, and documented all our tournaments on video. We put out a weekly newspaper, “The Pinesong Post”, named after our house, which regaled our parents with our activities.

My mother is a mini-super-model, my father is a brilliant businessman. Some of our friends growing-up had arcades in their homes, some had parents in white collar prison or detained by Interpol, some turned out to be mogul, and many are large and in charge in LA now … I started The Daily Truffle to talk about these things that are oh-so common knowledge to most of us, but no one ever thinks to say. (For those of you who will never care about or get this kind of stuff, you’re in luck … because we veer off-topic A LOT!)

Stats about me:

  • Born: April 28th, 1976 in Beverly Hills
  • Residence: Beverly Hills, Malibu
  • Education: Harvard-Westlake, Beverly, Buckley, John Thoams Dye. Outside LA: Putney boarding School in Vermont, Le Rosey summer school in Switzerland
  • College: Boston University, USC ’01: BS, Electrical Engineering. USC MS, Electrical Engineering candidate.
  • Occupations: Boeing Satellite Systems (i was an engineer for XM Radio, Direct TV satellites!), CAA (assistant to the most awesome literary agent in Hwood – Bob Bookman), E! News, Bolthouse, Quintessentially, Maverick Films, Fox Studios and (one of my besties) Kari Feinstein PR – now known as Feinstein McGuiness.
  • Vacation spots: Hawaii, Cap d’Antibes, Lake Tahoe, Vail, Malibu, San Fransisco, any boat.

This is my office, yo

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