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You Know You’re From Beverly Hills If …

1. You have gotten drunk with Pepe at the Polo Lounge.

2. You know who Pepe is.

3. You order truffle eggs benedict at the Beverly Wilshire – even though it costs more than the steak.

4. You refuse to go to any emergency room besides  Cedars, since you or someone who know, has donated there.

5. You do not eat anywhere NEW unless the chef there is from a restaurant that is very OLD.

6. You know exactly three Dohenys, two Chandlers, one Spelling and a Spielberg.

7. You remember when Whole Foods was Mrs. Gooches.

8. You have a house account at Mickey Fine’s.

9. You will never call Westfield’s Shopping Center, Westfield’s. It’s Century City. End of story.

10: You go to Rite Aid on Beverly Drive despite the lines. After all that’s where you bought all your spray paint as a young thug … Oh, and you still call it Thrifty’s.

11. You personally donate to the annual Beverly Hills Policeman’s ball, and carry your Donor’s Card with you (in case you have a run-in with the law).

12. You know Will Rogers was the first mayor of Beverly Hills and that he road a horse.

13. You love Paul Williams and hate Frank Lloyd Wright.

14. You still buy Chasen’s chili from Bristol Farms, and pretend it tastes the same.

15. You never wanted to be sister cities with Cannes. St. Tropez, maybe.

16. You’ve seen Larry King at Nate n Al’s enough times to acknowledge him with a nod.

17. Showers and weddings are handled at Geary’s; Sweet 16s and Bar Mitzvahs are for Fourteen Karats.

18. Beverly Hills below Wilshire is called “Beverly Hills below Wilshire”

19. Your mom, friends mom, aunt, or friends aunt was President of the Beverly Hills Women’s Club, or got kicked out of the Beverly Hills Women’s club.

20. Dr. Winters is your vet. And you see him out at dinner all the time.

21. You remember when Jerry’s Deli had phones in the booths.

22. You hate the Beverly Center. It’s the worst.

23. Your parents went to the Touch or The Luau on Saturday nights.

24. You spent hard time at Roxbury Park.

25. Your birthdays were at Ed Debevics, Flippers, or Trader Vics.

26. Kahala for Christmas, Aspen for New Years.

27. You went to Kennolyn, Jewish camp or Le Rosey for summer school.

28. You hate going to Malibu for absolutely no good reason.

29. Your high school had an oil rig on the  football field (and Erin Brockovich later sued them for it).

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