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#LAnatives: Colin Hanks has a new Bride, and a new Show

Colin’s parents are Malibu Colony neighbors with us and along with him being an LA native (sort of he was in and out often enough in Malibu for me to feel like he was), I feel its only fitting to point out, not only did Tom’s son and Rita’s step-son got married this weekend — he also has a new show called THE GOOD GUYS coming out this Friday, May 14, on Fox.

Since I’ve had The Daily Truffle, the networks sometimes email us news and I always get excited when I see Emily Daschenel, Jessica Capshaw or another friend from high school in the subject line and always give out some Daily Truffle love and tell the world what they are up to next. For Colin, according to my inbox this am, the show info from Fox is included below. I am embarassed to say I nabbed this invasive, retarded helicopter shots of my poor neighbors from Sugar bop, or Sugar Fab, but I did.

Here is the one everyone is looking for – its Totherspoon or Withertoth – I prefer the former and have given great thought to which is best, and as someone who actually worked with Jim Toth at CAA, and know other ladies he dated, I feel I have the right to pick the celebrity merge name. Jim Thoth, CAA agent, Reese Witherspoon, childhood sweetheart who’s whore sister stole her man Jason London, and Miss Samantha Micelli, aka Alyssa Milano.

Here is the sweet photo atop the London hotel, Colin, Samantha Bryant-Hanks and Colin’s dad Tom and step mom Rita (who is back from blonde …)

And a close up of the family .. Colin’s new wife Samantha works at a PR firm in Los Angeles (and New York) called Bullfrog & Baum – they have amazing clients including the new Culina restaurant at the Four Seasons, who had us in for dinner a couple weeks ago, and the new Hatfields + Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the new Ritz Carlton downtown called WP24.


Preview: Wednesday, May 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT)

Time-Period Premiere: Monday, June 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT)

From Matt Nix (“Burn Notice”) comes THE GOOD GUYS, a new action comedy about what happens when an old-school cop and a modern-day detective expose the big picture of small crime. Unlike the typical police procedural, the series examines crimes from irreverent angles, employing non-linear storytelling and revealing the good side of some typically bad guys.

DAN STARK (Bradley Whitford, “The West Wing”) was a big-shot Dallas detective. So big, in fact, that he was lauded as an American hero after saving the Governor’s son. Years later, Detective Dan – who has the reputation of being a bit of a wild card – spends most of his time rehashing his glory days. Able to skate by on the heroic deeds of his yesteryear, he is still a semi-active presence on the force and occasionally comes through to solve a petty crime.

Dan’s new partner, JACK BAILEY (Colin Hanks, “Mad Men,” “Roswell”), is an ambitious, by-the-book and overall solid detective, but is sometimes a bit too snarky for his own good. His habit of undermining himself has earned him a dead-end position in the department, stuck solving annoying petty-theft cases that nobody else wants. Worse, he’s been given the thankless task of babysitting Dan, the department pariah who can never keep partners for long. Jack’s only ally is ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY LIZ TRAYNOR (Jenny Wade, “Reaper”), a quick-witted former girlfriend whom Jack hasn’t quite gotten over and the one person he turns to for help.

As Jack and Dan go about their work, the pair consistently break a flurry of department regulations, which reminds their boss, LIEUTENANT ANA RUIZ (Diana Maria Riva, “Castle,” “Our Family Wedding”), why these good guys will be spending many more days in the Property Crimes Division investigating seemingly minor crimes.

THE GOOD GUYS is produced by Fox Television Studios. The series is created, written and executive-produced by Matt Nix. Mikkel Bondesen (“Burn Notice”) also serves as an executive producer. Tim Matheson (“Burn Notice”) directed the pilot.



(Jack Bailey on THE GOOD GUYS)

Colin Hanks’ natural talent and raw energy have secured him a place as one of Hollywood’s young leading men. He was recently seen in a memorable role as a mysterious priest on the Golden Globe- and Emmy Award-winning television series “Mad Men.”

Hanks will next be seen in the independent film “Lucky” directed by Gil Cates Jr. and co-starring Ann-Margret and Jeffrey Tambor. His recent feature film credits include the Oliver Stone biopic “W,” “The House Bunny” with Anna Faris, “Untraceable” with Diane Lane and “The Great Buck Howard” with John Malkovich.

Additional film credits include “King Kong,” “Orange County,” “Get Over It” with Kirsten Dunst, “Alone With Her,” “Standing Still,” “Rx,” “11:14,” “Whatever It Takes” and Steven Spielberg’s award-winning 10-part miniseries “Band of Brothers.”

In 2002, Hanks garnered critical acclaim for his performance in the production of “This Is Our Youth” at the Garrick Theater in London’s West End.

He lives in Los Angeles.


(Dan Stark on THE GOOD GUYS)

Bradley Whitford, a classically trained stage actor, is well known for his Emmy Award-winning turn as the sarcastic, yet vulnerable “Josh Lyman” on “The West Wing.” One of the few actors working successfully and simultaneously in theater, film and television, Whitford has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents.

Whitford was most recently seen starring in “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” The critically acclaimed drama, which focused on a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional sketch-comedy TV show, reteamed Whitford with acclaimed producer Aaron Sorkin. Whitford’s additional television credits include “ER,” “The X-Files” and “NYPD Blue.”

His film credits include “An American Crime” opposite Catherine Keener and Ellen Page, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” with Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel, “Little Manhattan,” “Kate and Leopold” opposite Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman, “The Muse” with Albert Brooks, “Bicentennial Man” opposite Robin Williams, “Scent of a Woman,” “A Perfect World,” “Philadelphia,” “The Client,” “My Life,” “Red Corner,” “Presumed Innocent” and “My Fellow Americans.”

Raised in Wisconsin, Whitford went on to study theater and English literature at Wesleyan University and The Juilliard School. Whitford received rave reviews for his return to the stage in the production of “Boeing-Boeing” at the Longacre Theatre opposite Mark Rylance,

Christine Baranski, Kathryn Hahn, Gina Gershon and Mary McCormack. Whitford appeared on Broadway in Aaron Sorkin’s military courtroom drama, “A Few Good Men,” and his professional debut was in the off-Broadway production of “Curse of the Starving Class” opposite Kathy Bates.  Additional theater credits include “Three Days of Rain” at the Manhattan Theatre Club, “Measure for Measure” at Lincoln Center Theater, and the title role in “Coriolanus” at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C.

He lives in Los Angeles.

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