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Street artist Becca hits Beverly Hills, new piece on Brighton Way | The Daily Truffle LA

Street artist Becca hits Beverly Hills, new piece on Brighton Way

When I think of what I wish I could do for The Daily Truffle, I think of Becca, the street artist who paints little girls on walls so sweetly, no one can help but love it and not think of it really as graffiti. That is the only way street art could last on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills.

BH-ers say this Brighton Way alley piece between Rodeo and Camden, across from Armani, has been there for the last 6 to 8 weeks.

Upon closer inspection, I see she did not paint this – she actually used a paper adhesive instead of spraying the wall itself. IF the owners of the building are unhappy with it, it would be easy to peel off. How considerate Mme Becca!

When I think of our own logo, I always think of Becca’s drawings. My vision for The Daily Truffle is a girl on the town hunting for that next big truffle (of news, that is) with her sleuthy cute pet pig (pigs are the traditional truffle hunters, as in mushrooms, that is). I had some designs based of the spring 2010 Zac Posen runway with Coca Rocha from that inspired a tentative logo for the site (scroll to end).

I’d rather have Becca do it tho … I wish I could get her to draw our DT girl and her little pig all over Bev Hills and WeHo for us. Becca, if you are out there, or anyone who knows how to find her, please get in touch and create our logo!

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