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L.A. Native Ahmet Zappa crowned King of Disney's Kingdom Comics | The Daily Truffle LA

LA Natives: Ahmet Zappa, King of Disney’s Kingdom Comics

Friend of the Truffle and fellow L.A. Native, Ahmet Zappa (Country School, school of life ’92) introduced the concept of Disney’s first graphic-novel-to-film division to studio head Bob Eiger and thus “Kingdom Comics” was born …

Friend and fellow L.A. Native, Ahmet Zappa (Country School, school of life ’92) introduced the idea of developing a graphic-novel-to-film division to Disney’s studio head, Bob Eiger. Eiger, understanding the studio’s need for such an entity, allowed Ahmet to run with the idea and granted him full reign to what became known as “Disney’s Kingdom Comics.” Now situated on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, Ahmet has his own staff and offices where he developes story concepts based off the Disney library as well as scouts new talent. 

Ahmet, the reigning King of Kingdom comics had waltz with the mouse before in 2006 … Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures optioned his self-illustrated children’s book “The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless” for $1.5 million – an unprecedented amount for a first time author (though not a lot if you ever heard Ahmet’s story telling).

Ahmet signing copies of his book “The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless” at 2008 Wizard World in Los Angeles. “McFearless” tells of a young brother and sister who one day discover they are actually part of a long line of monster hunters.

Ahmet Zappa is one of my favorite people in town. He is hilarious and a HUGE sweetheart! When Hyde first opened in West Hollywood, he made it a point to introduce me to the doorman, and back when I was in desperate need of a location for my Drive-In events, Ahmet found me the perfect place at a park overlooking the Hollywood reservoir.

Though we’d had similar circles all our lives via the Harvard-Westlake connection …, my first face-to-face was when our mutual friend, Tory Mell, brought him along to meet with me at the Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset during my days in development at Maverick Films in ’04. They chattered endlessly, pitching me ideas for reality shows and feature films, including one about Zappa’s own childhood growing up with famous rocker father, Frank Zappa, and his siblings Dweezil, Moon and Diva (think The Osbournes but a little more wholesome).

Tory and Ahmet were both passionate and clever and it became clear very quickly I was sitting with people who would be famous – on way or another – within 5 years.

In 2006, two years after this meeting, Ahmet had published “McFearless” and Disney was just making an enourmous bid to option the book. Ahmet is now also in development on “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, a movie based on another one of his genius ideas. And he is also set to executive produce Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock: The Movie, due in 2011.

Ahmet attended the Country School in Los Angeles, and like myself, suffered from a learning disability that prompted him to leave school at a young age and go on tour with his father. There he honed in on his other powerful assets and began a career as an actor, musician and TV personality. As a child, he won roles in TV shows like Roseanne and Growing Pains, as well as feature films like Pump Up the Volume. Ahmet released several albums with his brother Dweezil Zappa and has made numerous appearances as himself on TV Shows like Head Case, Conan O’Brien and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

Ahmet writes this of himself on his website: “I was born Ahmet Emuukha Rodan Zappa on May 15, 1974, in Los Angeles, CA, three months premature and with a collapsed lung. I don’t smoke, have never taken any drugs, and don’t really much enjoy it when other people do them, either. I’m the third of four children born to the late rock musician/ composer, Frank Zappa, and a super-powered psychic witch businesswoman named Gail. I always called them by their first names, never using “Mom” or “Dad”, and drank iced coffee almost every night before bedtime.”

Ahmet is working on the second installment in the McFearless series and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Shana Muldoon (Marymount) and their three dogs Sandwich (a yummy pomeranian), Luna, a sacred white pekingese and gift from Ahmet to Shana and Figgy, a brand new half pekingese, half havanese puppy.

Ahmet and puppies, photo from Shana Muldoon

Shana, who has had her own jewelry line called Muldoon-LA, is also a celeb wardrobe stylist, and is in the midst of creating her own vintage inspired fashion and lifestyle brand…. “Lady California” …which will incorporate all the above under one fabulous brand. For inquiries on her popular vintage silk dresses (Fergie just fell in love with them), u can email her privately @

Isky, Jules Urbach and me at Ahmet’s birthday party at SKinny’s. Photo by LaLa Sloatman.

Addendum December 22, 2009: Since the time of this post Ahmet and Shana have gotten engaged & married!! Congratulations to Ahmet Zappa & Shana Muldoon!

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