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Jeff Murad (Harvard-Westlake ’94): The New Face of Murad Skincare

Original post date Nov 2009


Jeff Murad with father Dr. Howard Murad at Murad laboratories in Manhattan Beach, photos by Marco Walker

Along with becoming the hot new model for Murad Man, Jeff Murad, fellow L.A. native and son of renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad (pictured above with Jeff), stepped up as Vice President of Product Development in January 2008. This L.A. based father-son team, along with their team of medical experts and scientists, have the new and old components to keep a classic fresh.

Jeff (Harvard-Westlake ’94) was my prom date when we at Harvard Westlake and confident all through high school. Jeff and his dad lived on Rockingham in Brentwood, the street made famous by OJ Simpson’s car chase. All I knew about his dad, growing up, was that he was developing “edible sunblock.”

Now Jeff is working on similar products too. Jeff creates product concepts which have ranged from a melatonin-infused sleeping cream called Sleep Reform to a men’s shaving line called Murad Man. Jeff told me the marketing team demos their products and they all came in a hour late drooling after the first round of Sleep Reform. After that, they cut the amount of melatonin in half and two pumps is now the perfect amount to fall into a deep slumber where the creme will go to work replenishing your skin cells. The skin – being our largest organ – absorbs melatonin faster and better than your stomach!! These are the things I learn from having a friend like Jeff.

The Murad Medical Group, Murad Inclusive Health Spa & Murad Inclusive Health Center® are true clinics with Swiss standards. Move over La Prairie, get lost Baden Baden … Dr. Murad is making Manhattan Beach the new epi-center of health and beauty. What Cal a Vie and The Golden Door use to mean in the 80s, Murad means today.

Jeff and his dad have been taking care of my skin for 15 years and I must say … I really don’t look my age.  – Caroline for The Daily Truffle

I recently went down to the Manhattan Beach spa for a  facial. A good way to know if you are in good hands is that facials should not hurt. If the steam is ever too hot or the extractions hurt even a little, get out of there. A savvy facialist does not gooped your face with steam ’til it drips like sweat. And they wear gloves. Just think of all your vulnerable open pores during a facial. Murad spa is one of the extreme few in Los Angeles that do facials right. The entire staff is cherry-picked and trained like China’s Olympic Opening Ceremony. Several of them told me they also see the medical doctors as their own, and use the vitamins and skin products – that is the best testament a company can have is when the employees love the products.

Last but not least – Murad has the class to omit logos for their bags. Discrete. Professional. A real class act. No monkey business. Just skincare.

New items I got from Jeff! Thanks J!!! xoxo

Included are:

1. Refreshing Cleanser, Night Reform® Glycolic Treatment & Perfecting Night Cream – sold together 90 day supply $129 (a 145.50 value)

2. Hydrating Toner 6.0 FL. OZ. $24
3. Eye Treatment Complex SPF 8 0.5 FL. OZ. $60
4. Day Creme
5. Sleep Reform (Melatonin-Infused night creme) 1.0 FL. OZ. $97
6. Body Scrub
7. Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack 4 week supply $137.50

Jeff Murad, Murad Man
Jeff shows Dr Murad packaging plans for new Sleep Reform creme
Jeff going over product analysis in the Murad laboratories in Manhattan Beach

Murad Inclusive Health Spa is one of the few locations in the US to offer a Japanese Onsen Copper tub experience. This tub helps to detoxify the body and is the perfect precursor to a full body massage.

Murad Inclusive Health Spa offers signature body scrubs in their exclusive Vichi Rain Shower Capsule.

In addition to regular manicures and pedicures, Murad Inclusive Health Spa offers a signature Vitamin C Infusion manicure and pedicure.

Jeff is a classically trained musician and, before joining his father’s marketing team, had a successful career as a bassist in the Paul Chesne band and The Elvis Perkins band. He holds an MBA from USC and a BA from NYU, has recently produced his father’s second book, “The Cellulite Solution”. Here is Jeff as the face of Murad Man, now carried by major airlines and hotels, includes the Cleansing Shave, Razor Burn Rescue® & Face Defense® SPF 15.

ABOUT DR. HOWARD MURAD: Howard Murad, MD, FAAD is a board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist, and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. As a leading authority in skin health, with a patient base of over 50,000, Dr. Murad was instrumental in transforming the fields of skincare and dermatology to what they are today. An industry pioneer, Dr. Murad holds 17 patents, with several more pending. He is credited as the first to make esthetic products formulated with alpha hydroxy acids widely available and with many other innovations in skin health. Through his research, he has identified cellular water loss as the underlying cause for all health, and age-related conditions. In his Los Angeles based research facility, and in his Inclusive Health® Center, the Cellular Water Principle® is the foundation for his Murad Method Program. As an author, Dr. Murad has two successful books: Wrinkle-Free Forever and The Cellulite Solution.


Murad headquarters in Manhattan Beach is comprised of “Murad Inclusive Health Spa,” “Murad Inclusive Health Center®” and “Murad Medical Group.”

Murad Inclusive Health Spa offers hair, face, nail and body treatments, cosmetic dermatology procedures such as filler injections and laser treatments (hair removal, leg vein treatment, etc).

Murad Inclusive Health Center® offers a whole body approach to anti-aging including Tightened and firmer skin, increased energy, mental acuity and metabolism, reduced body fat and improved digestion, circulation, bone density and sleep pattern.

Murad Medical Group is comprised of dermatologists and a general physician, board certified in Preventive and Family Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine combines conventional (allopathic) with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) working with patients to treat a host of chronic illnesses including Metabolic syndrome, Weight loss, Diabetes, Hypertension, Musculoskeletal disorders, Stress management, Female hormone imbalances, and other endocrine diseases.

2141 Rosecrans Ave.
1st and 6th Floors
El Segundo, CA 90245

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Photos by Marco Walker.

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