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LA Natives: Masha Gordon’s “If Pockets Talked” | The Daily Truffle LA

LA Natives: Masha Gordon’s “If Pockets Talked”

A Site Done Right.

Move over eBay and Gilt Groupe… there’s a new kid in town.

Now it’s likely that you haven’t yet shopped on the one-week-old website If Pockets Talked (, but this online retailer of vintage, pre-owned and new designer apparel will definitely be bookmark-worthy for those of you with a sweet tooth for fashion. And being that everyone knows it is important not to take (er…buy) candy from strangers, it is essential to get to know the entrepreneur who will be swiping your plastic.

Beverly Hills native Masha Gordon has always been devoted to the art of fashion. With a die-hard fashion savante for a Mother, and her head buried deep in the glamorous pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, Masha developed an early appreciation for high-end design. And with a BA in Merchandise Marketing at Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design and an entourage of Hollywood’s notoriously best-dressed gals, including BFF co-fashionista Nicole Richie and WhoWhatWear’s Katherine Power, Masha has earned herself a reputation of being a purebred fashion queen. However it still took years of working as a buyer for upscale boutiques and designing her own clothing line (Scarlette & O) for Masha to build the experience needed to launch the perfect online fashion destination.

If Pockets Talked offers vintage, pre-owned and new designer pieces from the top designers in the world. The site stocks pieces from high-end and avant-garde collections from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90’s and up to present day. The regularly updated site features items from fashion houses including Hermes, Lanvin, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Celine, Chloe, Derek Lam, Alexander McQueen, Moschino and Givenchy just to name a few. It’s our pleasure to be the first ones to find out what makes Los Angeles native Masha Gordon the latest Fashion Maven!

So you’re an LA Native…

DT: Which area of Los Angeles did you grow up in?

Masha Gordon: I was born and raised in Beverly Hills. I am a native Angeleno and proud of it!

DT: Pixie Town or Camp Beverly Hills?

MG: Pixie Town all the way; it was my obsession, as well as my Mother’s. I had a pair of white cowboy boots from there that had pink glitter on the sides… they were amazing!

DT: Favorite Mulholland moment?

MG: Mulholland is my true love. It is the best street in Los Angeles and has always been my favorite. I live on Mulholland so I’m on it all the time. I could give you some of my favorite Mulholland moments but I’m not sure we want to go there. Ha! I will say that the street is my therapy; when something is wrong or I need to think I get in my car and I drive down Mulholland all the way to the valley side and then over to the Cahuenga side. My best friends and I always take drives and listen to music and just think. We literally don’t say a word to each other and just drive. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

DT: Malibu Country Mart or Brentwood Country Mart?

MG: Definitely Malibu Country Mart. I’ve never been a Brentwood person.

DT: Coolest famous person you met as a child?

MG: The coolest famous person I met as a child was Michael Jackson. He was my best friend’s god father, so one year for her birthday we want to Neverland. I was extremely excited at the time.

DT: Who was your prom date?

MG: My prom date was Allen Landver. He still to this day is one of my dearest friends. We grew up together and were even neighbors as children. Our parents are Russian immigrants and are also best friends.

DT: Your high school car?

MG: My high school car was a BMW540 that was decked out with rims, a body kit and tinted windows. It was the sh*t. I had one of the nicest cars and would let all of my guy friends drive it. People still talk about that car to this day. Ah, the memories.

DT: What was on your mix tapes as a senior?

MG: My mixes were a lot of Tupac, TLC and Notorious B.I.G.. I guess you could say I was really into rap back then.

DT: Which designer would you have work to prom?

MG: Well I actually did wear a designer dress to prom… I wore an amazing black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown. All the mothers at pre-prom were giving me dirty looks and saying how great my dress was, but yet they were talking smack!

DT: Which high school class/teacher helped guide you to where you are today?

MG: I think it was my high school art teacher… we called her Sarge. She was amazing. I always preferred the creative classes as opposed to the more “book” classes.

DT: What LA schools did you go to?

MG: I went to The Buckley School from nursery until 8th grade. Then I went to Montclair Prep for 9th grade before going to Beverly Hills High School for 10th-12th grades.

DT: Best high school party?

MG: I have to say I was never one for high school parties. I was trying to be older when I was in high school, so I was going to clubs instead of the house parties. I regret that still because I feel like I really missed out.

So You’ve Started A Fashion Retail Website…

DT: What inspired you to start an online, vintage clothing, retail website?

MG: I’ve always appreciated the artistry that goes into making a memorable piece of clothing, and I hate the thought of a classic design sitting in someone’s closet unworn for a decade or two. That being said, I wanted to create a place where people can turn someone’s past in their own present. I feel designer fashion is timeless, so what may no longer be “in” for one person might be exactly what someone else is looking for. If Pockets Talked is the perfect place to conveniently buy and sell these timeless pieces.

DT: When did officially launch?

MG: We launched last week actually, on November 23rd. Very excited about it!

DT: How did you come up with the name “If Pockets Talked”?

MG: I wanted to come up with a cute, fun name that people would remember. I thought and thought and thought until it finally came to me…. If Pockets Talked! I felt it was cute being that most of the merchandise is vintage so it would be fun to know what these “pockets” would say if they talked about where they have been.

DT: Do you have any business partners?

MG: I have no partners. I’ve done the business partner thing and I will never do it again.

DT: Where were you a buyer?

MG: I started as a buyer at Kitson, which was one of my first jobs. I worked in the store doing retail and soon after the owner started taking me on buying ventures, which led me to my position as a buyer for the store. I still love buying and seeing everything that’s out there.

DT: Other cool jobs in fashion or elsewhere?

MG: I worked for a clothing company called 2B Free, doing much of their PR. I also for a short period of time had my own clothing line, however production was shut down due to differences with my business partner. I miss it every day.

DT: Who are your style icons, past and present?

MG: I would definitely have to say my alltime style icon is my Mother. She always looks effortlessly beautiful and dressed to the nines. She is a true, classic beauty.

DT: Where do you get your merchandise from?

MG: I get a lot of my merchandise from friends, as well as my Mother’s friends. I have also found some great items at estate sales. I love to hunt and I get excited about a great find!

DT: Tell us about your family?

MG: My family immigrated to America from Russia in 1975. They came here with nothing and made it all on their own, something for which I greatly admire them. I am trying to do the same.

DT: Who is in your crew now?

MG: Well, I actually have 2 amazing circles of friends. Being that I am Russian, and come from a family of Russian immigrants, I have a great group of friends that I grew up with where all of our parents are friends as well. Then there is my group of close girlfriends, and though we all have different interests and are at different places in our lives, we all mesh together really well. Some are mothers and some are business women, and we all have a huge admiration for fashion.

DT: What are some notable pieces on the site right now?

MG: We have a lot of items that are new with tags, which is an

exciting variation to the traditional vintage retailer. There are some new Zac Posen items with tags at discounted prices. The site also has some great vintage Yves Saint Laurent pieces, such as a vintage red YSL cocoon jacket. There is a black Hermes Birkin Bag (40cm). There are so many great things, something for everyone who loves fashion. The prices ranges from low to high so anyone can find their closet’s next treasure.

DT: What’s coming to the site that would be cool to know about?

MG: I’ve recently acquired some amazing vintage Chanel suits, as well as a fabulous vintage Chanel military-style leather jacket. These items, and more, will be added to the site soon, so keep visiting!

DT: How do you get the clothes with tags?

MG: I have a lot of friends who own retail stores, so when some items are a season old and they want to move it out of the store I take it and mark it down… a ton!

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