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Gia Coppola & Louis Eisner Group Show Opening | The Daily Truffle LA

Art Opening: Gia Coppola & Louis Eisner Group Show Opening

invitation for frank pic opening

It was quite a reception Saturday night for all the YPT on the Westside for the opening of a group show at Frank Pictures gallery in Bergamont Station.

Then again, what would you expect when the offspring of such L.A. luminaries like Jacqui Coppola Getty and Eric & Lisa Eisner, (check Lisa out in the current French Vogue guest edited by her pal Tom Ford!!), Gia Coppola (looking effortlessly chic in Chinese PJ trousers), continues captivating a certain sensual innocence that is oh so appealing, here with frequent collaborator Natalie Love as model (mom is Lisa Love, L.A. based Vogue editor).

Louis Eisner was supported not only by his parents but also in attendance were Roman Alonso from Commune and his DJ bro Charlie Eisner.

Impressive work from a roster of mostly under 25ers , my fave was a wax sculture by Jane Moseley, who recently shared a group show with Sage Grazer (daughter of Brian Grazer, no name dropping here …) in NYC at Elga Wimmer gallery. Cute peeps, brooskies and eye candy of the art type and we were more than satisfied with a well spent evening …

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