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LA Natives: Sage Grazer | The Daily Truffle LA

LA Natives: Sage Grazer

Our current L.A. native radar recently turned to Sage Grazer – who is just back (in New York where she originally moved to attend NYU) from a summer trip to the Venice Biennale and Paris for a Prince concert. Sage is a native of the Malibu Colony, a photographer (she’s already had three shows) and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in psychology (she just graduated from NYU). We sat down with Sage to discuss friends, family, photography and growing up in Los Angeles.


DT: So, where did you go to high school in LA?
SG: I went to school in Malibu (Malibu Middle School and High School) up until 10th grade when I transferred to Crossroads High School

DT: What was your high school/college job(s)?
SG: In high school I worked as an intern on Cinderella Man in Toronto and did a lot of “shadowing” on a few other films. One summer I worked as a production office assistant and researcher for Frost/Nixon. I’ve also interned at Vanity Fair and Niche Media in their photo departments.

DT: High school car?
SG: My first car was a Volvo S40

DT: High school mix tape?
SG: A bunch of eclectic things along with some of my friends’ bands like Dawes and MGMT

DT: Which designer would you have worn (or did you wear) to prom?
SG: I wore a black Prada dress to my senior prom. I wore custom Naeem Khan dress to my junior prom, he’s a close family friend and he had originally made the dress for me when I was 12 but he designed it so that I would be able to fit in as I grew (it still fits).

DT: Who are your style (or artistic) icons, past and present?
SG: It’s a hard question for me but I have a friend named Zoe and I’d say she’s a style icon for me. She always looks adorable with lovely dresses and blouses. My style is pretty much based on comfort.


DT: Which high school class/teacher helped guide you to where you are today?
SG: I was really quiet in school but the teachers I was closest to were Stephanie (history teacher) and Mitch (an English teacher). I rarely spoke in class so I’d often speak to the teachers before and after class so that they knew I wasn’t just slacking and that I was just too shy to talk. I always liked my math and science teachers because those were the subjects that I excelled the most in, so I was much more confident in class.

DT: Who put your first camera in your hands?
SG: My mom always gave me disposable cameras as a kid and I use to use my dad’s Polaroid camera all the time, but I didn’t really take photography seriously until college.

DT: Tell us about your family?
SG: I have a big wonderful family. My parents [Corki Corman and Brian Grazer, producer on The Playboy Club which made it’s TV premiere this week and upcoming ‘J. Edgar’ with Leo di Caprio stars] have been divorced since I was three, so I have two sets of family, which just continue to grow; I have a beautiful niece and nephew now. Altogether, I have my mom, dad, stepdad, big brother, two younger half brothers, three stepsiblings, one brother-in-law, a niece, and a nephew. I’m really close with both of my parents and the more I age the more I see their qualities in me.

DT: Who is in your crew today?
SG: I’m not sure how to describe my crew but my number one best friend, Marin, will always be a part of it. We’ve been best friends since as long as I can remember and we just get each other. I’ve made some other really great friends out in NY (some of whom actually grew up in LA but I didn’t know them). I have a good handful of friends that are artists, and I’ve had several shows with friends like Carly Mark, Jane Moseley, Tracy Antonopoulos, and Gia Coppola.

DT: What would be your ideal next job as a photographer?
SG: My ideal job as a photographer would be being able to travel around and shoot whatever I want … since that’s not quite a real job … I’m planning on pursuing another one of my passions, which is psychology. I’m currently in the process of trying to decide what path I want to take in psychology.

DT: Where can people find out more about you?
SG: I do my best to update my blog every day at and here’s my photography website (which I haven’t updated in a while) … I went on a couple summer vacations so I shot a lot of travel photos.

Above are recent travel photos and photograms from Sage’s Nebula series. The Nebula series are all photograms, mostly 16″x20″, made from handmade string patches and the colors come from adjusting the light from the projector in the darkroom.

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  1. Shelby53
    September 23, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    I went to Malibuuuuuu!!

  2. Kevin
    September 23, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I LOVE the Venice shots Sage!!! PRETTY!!!

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