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Michelle Kath Develops doc about her dad, ‘Chicago’ guitarist Terry Kath | The Daily Truffle LA

Michelle Kath Develops doc about her dad, ‘Chicago’ guitarist Terry Kath

Friend of the Truffle Michelle Kath Sinclair is in hot pursuit of making a documentary about the most underrated guitarist of all time, her father. Chicago guitarist Terry Kath died in 1978 at age 31–two years after Michelle was born.

Fundraising for this film project is being (conducted using) the new film and arts financing website Kickstarter. Guitar aficionados and Chicago fans alike should appreciate having the opportunity to help this legend finally get his due.

You can help Michelle with small donations beginning at $25. Larger ones such as $2500 will buy you perks such as invitations to the premiere and Terry Kath memorabilia that Michelle has from her childhood. By design, if the target fundraising goal is not met your money will be returned by Kickstarter. Nine days are left in this fundraising drive. Thus far the project has raised $30,160 of it’s $40,000 target. Fans and friends can donate through October 30.

Michelle has been chronicling the filmmaking process for Terry Kath fans who themselves are helping her collect stories and compile archival footage through her website and Facebook page:
and Terry Kath doc facebook page

A DJ before developing this project, Michelle was one of the few well known female DJs and went by the name “DJ Lady Sinclair.” As far back as our Harvard-Westlake days she composed a mixtape that went viral around the city for some private school friends called “Too Much Funk Not Enough Techno.” (Comment below if you remember this…or still have the tape like we do!) She used to hang out with other up-and-coming L.A. DJ’s including Adam Goldstein (RIP), Graham Funke and the like.

Several years ago Michelle married actor Adam Sinclair whom she met through her step-father Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer and her mother had been married for several years. Adam had played a small role on the popular show 24 and Kiefer decided he’d be perfect for Michelle. They have two children together: their son Hammish who is now 8, and a newborn baby. Michelle also has a younger sister from her mother’s marriage to Kiefer named Sara Sutherland who is 23.


Q & A with Michelle Sinclair on her documentary, DJ-ing and life in LA

DT: What made you want to start the process of making a doc about your dad?

MKS: At first I wanted to expose him as one of the greatest and most underrated guitarists. But as I got farther along with developing the film it became cleat that this was a daughters journey of discovery.

DT: Do you remember your dad at all? What do you remember most?
MKS: I was only three years old when he passed so I don’t remember anything.  The memories I do have are of his things: books, guitars, awards.  As a little girl these were my treasures and a connection to him.

DT: Where did you take your documentary classes?
MKS: I took classes at UCLA and workshops through the International Documentary Association.

DT: Have you been getting some interesting emails and packages from all the friends and fans on your web pages? What are some examples?
MKS: The fans have been amazing.  They have sent in some really great pictures and live recordings.  I have asked my interviewees to share what they have as well.  So, we will see.

DT: What will be the basic story line for the documentary? What are the highlights?
MKS: The story is not only a portrait of my father and a daughters journey, but also a film that documents a time in music history. Some highlighst will be cameos from famous rock start (TBA)

DT: So we know you are a DJ by trade – what made you want to be a DJ, and who taught you?
MKS: I have always loved music. It has been a big part of my life ever since I was a little girl. Growing up in LA I was friends with some serious music heads and in my teenage years I started collecting vinyl because I knew that one day I would become a DJ. I was hanging around Adam Goldstein when he was first learning to DJ. It was so addicting to watch and I knew that I had to do it. When I first got my turntable and mixer (it was a really basic Numark mixer) Adam came over and showed me how to use it. There were two bits of advice he gave me that day, one was if you have rhythm and can dance, you can beat match. Second was learn to scratch. He told me to practice with a live recording because there is no start or end in the applause, making it less intimidating to learn how to manipulate the sound.

DT: Favorite thing to do in LA as a child?
MKS: Travel Town at Griffith Park with my grandpa.

DT: Where did you go to high school in L.A.?
MKS: Westlake and Marymount, class of ’94

DT: Where is your favorite place to shop in LA?
MKS: House of Return for rad thrift shopping, The Grove (it has everything I need from forever 21 to Barnys Co-op to the farmers market!), The Conservatory for the best coffee in L.A., Fairfax Flea Market, and Mitsuwa for my Japanese Culture fix.

DT: Tell us about some of your DJ gigs.
MKS: I’ve played Louis Vuitton & Vanity Fair ‘young hollywood’ party (They sent me a beautiful dress to wear. Fun!), Hello Kitty Birthday Party at Royal T, WESC in-store, Nike Presents at The Montalban, MAC Makeup in-store, and Trina Turk Season Launch Party as well as Purple Lounge, The Mandrake with Drew-Tube, Temporary Spaces, radio show on and both Standard Hotels.

DT: Favorite/ most outrageous DJ gig?
MKS: My Favorite gig was when I opened up for 2 Live Crew at the Key Club because I finally got to debut my act with my Hype Girls. They are my back up dancers. It is a specialized set with a choreographed routine. It’s so much fun and really gets the crowd going.

DT: Current favorite favorite track?
MKS: ‘aNYway’ by A-trak and Armand Van Helden’s Duck Sauce.

DT: New Favorite upcoming artists?
MKS: Miami Horror, Edward Sharp, Major Lazor, Dam Funk, Bachelorette. Empire of the Sun and Michachu & The Shapes

DT: What are the good music blogs?
MKS: I usually start at Hype Machine because it’s like a table of contents for music bolgs.

DT: What was your first mixed-tape?
MKS: It was a Scott Oster mix of funk, soul and rare grooves.

DT: What are the most requested songs or artists when you DJ?
MKS: It is still Michael Jackson.

DT: If you are wanted for booking, how can our readers get into contact with you?

Michelle DJs a Vanity Fair party on the rooftop of Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive

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