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Fail of the Moment: Texts from Bennett | The Daily Truffle LA

Fail of the Moment: Texts from Bennett

This blog was not funny — but the fact that it has gotten soooooo much news coverage and hype over if it’s real or fake has made it newsworthy. It’s shocking how something so uninteresting has captured the interest of so much media — and therein lies our interest. Here is one of the better entries (right) and as you will see, it’s just ok. We don’t recommend reading through the entire thing but if you have heard about the site or noticed your friends posting about it on Facebook and want to investigate for yourself, here is the link.

Pluses include: We like the idea of using screen captures of convos between friends as a form of blogging and we are very familiar with the ‘white guy who thinks he’s gangster’ syndrome. And some of it is mildly funny.

The Smoking Gun and several other media outlets are reporting the blog owner claims that Bennett is a real life cousin but that the father of the blogger says it’s all invented. Way to blow his ride, dad.

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  1. anon
    December 12, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    …better entries (left) FTFY

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