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Gossip Girl Vocab vol. 4 | The Daily Truffle LA

Gossip Girl Vocab vol. 4

Gossip Girl

If you regularly watch GG, you know the references and cameos that are straight from the real fashion world and Upper East Side — here were some from last night’s episode:

Karen Finley — Lily explains that her sister hired this performance artist to take her place when she was suppose to make her grand debut at her deb ball — Karen was the recipient of a federal arts grants that was reneged because her work was too vulgar (remind you of the recent MOCA gala anyone??).

Matthew Lynch from Women’s Wear Daily — This true life fashion/party journalist came to the Empire to cover Charlie’s coming out party. Rufus introduces him to Charlie before swooping him off the bar to get a drink (don’t you love how into Lily’s social life he can get?). Matthew asks Charlie who she is wearing and she replies Badgley Mischka. You can follow ML on his Twitter and Tumblr here (@mbradylynch) and here ( PS – what’s with Charlie’s funky white blazer she wears out of the party? #fail

Camp Allen — A retreat for the most amazing people on the planet much like the Skull and Bones retreat seen in The Good Shepherd or the Bohemian Club fraternity retreats at Bohemian Grove in Northern California — as noted by Chuck’s reaction to Nate’s announcement that “Grandfather” was taking him. “World domination by day, debauchery by night” — Chuck says of those invited to attend.

Addendum from last week’s episode — Chuck’s weird party was actually held at Punchdrunk’s immersive theater experience Sleep No More in New York (this interactive theatre sets up in NY and London every year and half and has a 5 or 6 month run — tickets sell out, groups of 20 are allowed in at a time, those white masks with the long noses are mandatory and handed out and people are encouraged to engage with the props and sets — one friend of ours dug through a wardrobe which turned out to open into the back side of a fire place in the next room).

#TruffleNotes: Leonardo di Caprio took Blake Lively on a date in real life here when they were dating. Coincidence?? I think not.

BONUS SECTION: Real Housewives Notes

Bruce Jenner’s ex was at Brandi’s Malibu beach party along with a cast member from Dr. Drew’s sober house

Did we all note the driver’s arm in the window lighting Tay’s cig?? #hilar

Kim preffered to sit on a washing machine eating a plate of cheetos than go to Brandi’s party

Bravo using the caption ‘Brandi’s Friend’s house’

Kevin Lee is actually a very well known and well used florist among the Beverly Park world and is very tight with Beverly Cohen, owner of the Four Seasons along with several other BH ladies

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