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Major Rager: Relativity Media Post Oscar Party

With a call time that read ‘Eleven O’Clock Until Sunrise’, the check point upon confirmation of your RSVP was revealed to be the DGA building on Sunset Blvd.

Line to check in at DGA building

A completely organized group of 300+ guests parked on the second floor of the DGA parking lot guided by security who directed people to take the elevator to the ground floor where a completely silent (or worn-out from previous parties) line of party-goers in head-to-toe black tie sprawled the perimeter of the lot leading up to the check-in table.

White vans with tinted windows took guests from the DGA to the ’round house’ on Mount Olympus — you can see from Fairfax driving North — all lit up in red. At the drive-way, black wristbands were cut and a rather steep hike to the Alert / Relativity / Veev sponsored party began.

All Aboard!

Spotted at the check point: Brent Seals, Chris & Iran Hopkins, Beau Swayze (CAA), Paul Vitagliano from Bombardier with his wife and agent Kyle Schrader (APA), Nur Khan from New York picking up his wristband at the check point and skipping the shuttles — getting dropped off by a black Range Rover instead. Also spotted — party chaperons Jen Rosero and Sarah Pantera.

Kyle Schrader & Paul Vitagliano, Beau Swayze, Nur Khan

Also a sponsor or at least a provider of cash was local billionare Michael Saylor whose name was present on the invite along with Carter Reum of Veev, Brent Bolthouse, Relativity Media head Ryan KavanaughTucker Tooley (co-Preisdent at Relativity), and Richard Bellofatto.

Through the converted garage where there was a coat check and past two flat screen TVs that familiarized guests with the activities of non-profit Alert, we spotted Ben Lyons w @FatJew on the dance floor (with Fat Jew eyeing the waffles of ladies passing by — we’ll get to the waffles later), Gerard Butler, Ryan Kavanaugh, Brent Bolthouse, local billionaire Michael Saylor, Kellan Lutz, Aaron Paul, Sophia Bush, Mike McGuiness, Rose McGowan, Petra Nemcova, Ramon Wilson (Relativity Media), Scott Lipps from New York, photog Patrick Hoelck, Wme’s Mike Giordano, Darren Dzienciol, Adrian Muzinich, Kelsey Harper, Anthony Mackie w manager Jason Spier, Jaime Rigal (Relativity Media), Courtney Reum (Veev), Jason Felts (CEO of Virgin Produced), 80’s rock singer Sebastian Bach, Chris PaulRene Rigal (VP, Film at Virgin Produced), Jeremy White Allen ( LIP from Shameless), super model Angela Lindvall, and more …

DJ Devin Lucien (LA native) spun the best tracks from the 50s on up, including Whitney Houston, inside the house which had two Veev-only bars and a roped off upstairs … a second DJ played in a tent erected on the front lawn of the house overlooking the city next to a rock pool straight out of The Flintstone’s. Newcomers to the very well known party house belonging to Eddie of Eddie and Lucas party famedom.  One party goer remarked “this house seems like it would only ever be used to rent out for parties …” Bingo, and welcome to #LA.

#BestMomentEver: Who brought the waffles? Seriously. A lot of parties have been disappointing as of late with no bar and no food — at this party, the kitchen of this house was completely taken over by hero catering company (of whose name we now forgot — please email if you know) cooking 3 types of egg frittatas, waffles, bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs from 1am on …Not even the super models at the event could deny themselves the delish fresh fare.

Models, actors, promoters, agents, other party guests and Truffle-Approved!

Sebastian Bach, Mike Mcguiness

Ben Lyons, Brett Gursky

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  1. happy party goer
    March 1, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Stephen Dorff + Owen Wilson were there as well.

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