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Apps: Square Ready

Chances are you or everyone you know is on Instagram (sign of the times), so this week our Truffle Approved App is Square Ready, which is so helpful and cool, but only so if you use Instagram.

Notes on Square Ready

– Free in the App Store

– Simple and self explanatory to use

– Just what everyone has been looking – the number one thing lacking in Instagram is that if you take a picture with your default camera and then import it into instagram – chances are it will be too big or too rectangular thus not fitting correctly into the frame.  The other neato aspect of Square Ready is that you can pick from hundreds of different background colors so that when you go to filter the photo on instagram, it’s not just black or just white  (This background color fills in the space around your photo).

– Edge guides

– Rotate image 360 degrees or flip it horizontally hot dog or hamburger style.

– This app lets you directly import from Square Ready to Instagram, MagicHour, Photogene, Camera+, Color Splash, PhotoAppLink, Gyro Cropper, and more.  One is also able to change the file extension to either .Jpeg  or .Png in resolutions 612×612, 1224×1224, and 1836×1836.

– Preps your portrait and landscape photos / shrinks your photo into a square so that its ready for Instagram without having to crop out any of the subject of the photo.

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