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Erik Wachtmeister's New Social Network? Mon Dieu! Where do I sign? | The Daily Truffle LA

Erik Wachtmeister’s New Social Network? Mon Dieu, Where do I sign?!

For years now, people have debated what happened to Small World (or ‘asw‘ as it’s called) once dubbed “MySpace for millionaires” by the Wall Street Journal. Is it still active? Is it still good? Those who were early joiners when the site launched in 2004 often say it went downhill after 2005 when membership began to branch out (#TruffleNotes: Those who can claim a 2004 invite always will). Erik and his wife Louise initially served as CEO and Marketing Director respectively, but their involvement has waned since 2008 when Erik said the new management stopped understanding his vision. (Harvey Weinstein made a major investment in 2007 and then sold his shares at a loss to Nestlé hier Patrick Liotard-Vogt who is the current chairman).

An email from the haute social networker this morning invited recipients to “pre-register” for his new site “BEST OF ALL WORLDS” with his wife Louise, saying “Louise and I hope that you’ll join us prior to launch by preregistering.”

Also in the email: “Something special is about to launch. Relevance, trust, and meaning are soon to return online. Best of All Worlds is an innovative, private community for trusted and relevant social discovery of interesting people, common passions, and compelling ideas for tomorrow, not yesterday.”

Erik told Jet Set Report in a audio interview that his new social network “Best of all Worlds” will have a “much bigger scope and much better technology.” He also says this time around the site will be inclusive as well as exclusive — acting as an aggregator for all your other social networks and feeds with private internal groups based on personal interests.

As for the revenue model, banner ads and email marketing will constitute about 25% with the majority of it focusing on local business listings and premium services for profile matching and “elite services”. Erik says he will be sending out his own invites but anyone can go to and pre-register. The site officially launches in JUNE 2012. We await!

UPDATE 8/24/12: The audio interview that claimed the site would be open to the public was an early interview and since then the mold of the site has changed. The site is not open to the public and you cannot pre-register without an invite. The new launch date is August 27. The iPhone app launched in July.

ADDENDUM (7/24): This morning we received a blast from Erik letting current members (we are “one of 20,000 in 100 countries”)  letting us know that the BOAW app is now live in the iTunes store: In the same email, he signed off saying “We are launching the full web site in a few weeks, providing a more comprehensive experience.”

ADDENDUM (7/20): An article on PEHub claims that BOAW will launch Monday. We’ve ran out of invites so as much as we’d love to, we no longer can! xoxo

ADDENDUM (5/31):  In the audio interview on Jet Set Report, Erik says anyone can pre-register on the site — However we have received multiple reports that you can NOT pre-register. We apologize for this error and ask that if you are interested in the site you email us or comment below (comments wont be published) so that we can accommodate as many of our readers as possible — if we don’t respond it is because we ran out of invites. xoxo Your Editors at the DT

In semi-related news, aSmallWorld also sent out an announcement notifying members of their own iPhone app — also available at the App Store.

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7 comments for “Erik Wachtmeister’s New Social Network? Mon Dieu, Where do I sign?!

  1. Peter von Feilitzen
    May 19, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Hej Erik.

    Peter Atlanta

  2. May 29, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Actually you cannot pre-register. The few invitations were already sent and I am really looking forward to this network. A Small World is not what it used to be anymore, and Erik is a great mind.


  3. Nadeem Durrani
    January 5, 2013 at 3:07 am

    I have 10 or so invites if someone wants to join. Also have invites to aSmallWorld. Drop me a line on

  4. Tsang Wang
    January 8, 2013 at 3:48 am

    I have some invites for Best of All Worlds and A Small World as well. Send me an e-mail if you’re interested:

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