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Bret Easton Ellis Has an Open Casting Call for his new film (and a Kickstarter page to finance it… !) | The Daily Truffle LA

Bret Easton Ellis Has an Open Casting Call for his new film (and a Kickstarter page to finance it… !)

Sounds like a remake?

Could we be seeing a Less Than Zero part 2? The last time Bret cast a movie we got Robert Downey, Jr., James Spader, Andrew McCarthy and Jamie Gertz. “The Canyons” is a contemporary thriller written by Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho) and directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) that documents five 20-something’s quest for power, love, sex and success in 2012 Hollywood. In an interesting twist, the pair are casting the film through the internet and financing it through Kickstarter “in exchange for some amazing prizes!” Lol. Here is the Kickstarter link if you want to be part of the magic. And here is the casting page if you want to ‘try out’ …. Let It Cast

“MTV brought you The Hills but Bret and I will bring you The Canyons” — Paul Schrader

Directed by Paul Schrader
Feature film (Thriller)
Produced by Braxton Pope
Production dates Jul 9, 2012 – Jul 31, 2012
Location(s) Los Angeles
Union/Rate: SAG-AFTRA New Media Rate.
Open to non union members as well.

Here is a character breakdown —

Christian is handsome, fit, a power player and major manipulator. He lives off a trust fund which pays for a house on the beach and dabbles in such avocations as film producing. But mainly it pays for his hedonistic life style. Christian enjoys setting up three-ways and filming them. Yet, despite his philandering ways, he is possessive about his current live-in girlfriend, Tara.

Tara, formerly a model, now arm candy, is “beautiful and withdrawn.” She has spirit and intelligence but somewhere along the way she has sold her pride for the material comforts Christian can provide.

Ryan has the All American good looks which characterize so many aspiring young actors. His moment is passing and he knows it. He is currently bartending but has landed a lead role in a horror film Christian is financing, his last chance at the golden ring. He lives with Gina, but remains in love with Tara, whom he sees secretly.

Gina, pretty but not threatening, works for Christian. She’s deeply in love with Ryan and has pressured Christian to cast Ryan in his schlock horror film. She has her shit together and has yet to realize she is in way over her head.

Lindsay, having failed to catch on as an actress, is now a yoga teacher. All that remains of her former career are false breasts and a penchant for melodrama. She fucksChristian in his spare time but also is in love with him.

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