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Annual 4th of July Party List 2012 (Los Angeles)

xoxo From the Colony …

The 4th of July in Malibu always brings out the usual suspects for the annual line up of parties from financier billionaire brothers, to local real estate moguls, to owners of sports teams with wide networks of friends. Once again the Malibu Colony succeeded in raising the total amount of the fireworks show cost that was historically financed single-handedly by resident Jerry Perenchio. A cute thermometer sign for the annual fireworks fund has been at the colony guard gates for weeks encouraging neighbors to contribute as they pass through the entrance to their Malibu beach houses. Everyone who was at a Malibu party this weekend, should try to contribute next year to keep this tradition alive. Call the guard gate for instructions on how to do so. Most residents, even the summer renters, contribute anywhere between $500 to $5000. Long time L.A. fireworks company PyroSpectacular once again sent out pyrotechnician Mike Crow to drive out the barge from the port of Long Beach to Malibu, and run the show (all done on a control board — pictured below) to make the “ground tremble and quake — with love”, as Mike added.

Parties in Malibu at several houses up and down the Malibu Colony, and Broad Beach include those of Alec Gores, Steve Tisch,  Gary Winnick, Ron Meyers, Tom Gores, Don Sterling, and Jason Statham who we hear is renting this summer in the Colony. All of which followed Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford’s pre 4th of July party at Café Habana in the Lumber Yard in Malibu the day before.

Other shows of note around town:

Brentwood Country Club on San Vicente Boulevard near Bundy has a fireworks show for its members ($60 per person) on the golf course, and can be seen from outside the club. Same goes for Hilcrest Country Club in Beverly Hills.

The Playboy Mansion has an annual fireworks show on Charing Cross Road south of Sunset Boulevard.

Mulholland Estates come to life for an over all city view, including those from the Hollywood Bowl. Those with large houses along Mulholland use the 4th of July as an opportunity to invite over everyone they for the city panarama.

Also of note, Palisades annual 4th of July parade is apparently world famous, Calablackless also had a good show — and our friends threw a fun party at the Roosevelt too.

Here is who you have to thank for your Malibu fireworks — Pyro Mike Crow runs the Malibu Colony fireworks show from the barge

Fireworks barge in front of the Malibu Colony

Pyro Spectacular loading the Malibu barges (it takes 3 days to load the 150-ft barge off the Port of Long Beach).

Alec Gores annual night before 4th party was complete with mermaids, Uncle Sam stilt walkers and Calvin Harris

Mermaids at Alec Gores 3rd of July party in malibu

Stilts at Alec Gores annual 4th of July party in Malibu

Linda Thompson at Steve Tisch’s annual 4th of July party in Malibu

Roosevelt Pool on July 4th — via @jch

Hollywood Bowl 2012 — via karoboo

Fireworks last night at the #hollywoodbowl from #mulholland drive overlook. via @laurennicolelove

Other people spotted in Malibu: Joel Madden, David Katzenberg, Reggie Bush, Cash Warren, Pete Wents, Jared Leto in the Malibu Colony.

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