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Malibu’s Own Cannonball Run

Petersen Museum’s Checkered Flag Club’s monthly events are interrupted each July for Jim & Tonya Hull’s annual Bastille Day Rally — a car tour they started 34 years ago on Bastille Day in Los Angeles to celebrate the freedom a car provides, and to bring together their car lover friends.

Among L.A. car events all year, this summer rally is a favorite and open to friends of Jim Hull, and top tier Petersen Automotive Museum member in the Checkered Flag Club.

This year, the meeting point was Santa Monica Airport (past meeting points have been Greystone Mansion, and the Petersen Museum) where drivers, who are required to wear all white, met in the morning for coffee, pastries and directions for the scenic drive and final destination — a lunch catered by Lawry’s at the home of Jim and Tanya Hull’s estate called ‘Greener Pastures Ranch’ in Malibu – complete horse stables and rings where the cars park.

Each yearly run has a different theme and sponsor (in 2009 it was Tesla) and this year the honor went to Carroll Shelby who recently passed on in May 2012. In his honor, and if available, drivers — about 100 to be precise — took out their Shelbys and Mustangs for the run.

Spotted: Bruce Meyer, Ron Rader, Tony Schwartz (owner of auto gallery), auto journalist Shin Takai, and more.

#TruffleNotes: You know you’ve spotted a member of the checkered Flag Club if they are proudly sporting their CFC paraphanelia –from pins to badges to letterman jackets made for the club — at all the meet ups.

Cost of the day was $200 per person, in addition to the annual CFCC membership dues which are around $1500. Link to CFC page.

Among the other CFC events all year, other notable events include: Checkered Flag Wine Country Tour, Meet-ups at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Carmel, and Dana Point Concours, and an annual tour of the some of the best car collections on the East Coast.

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