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Dar Maghreb Closed | The Daily Truffle LA

RIP: Dar Maghreb

I’d hate to think of what went down in the private rooms …

There aren’t many Angelenos who haven’t spent a birthday or two at Dar Maghreb growing up in L.A.

If Ed Debevic’s or Benihana were getting old, this was the solution.

Now shuttered, this super fave L.A. landmark will always hearken rings of bells and memories of bare skin.

Belly dancers, pillows, the feeling you are Agent Walker seducing Simon after being chased by KGB through the souk.

Dad, can i have some more ones for Divya?

Ring-a-ding ding.

The great thing about Dar Maghreb were the booths — big enough to fit your entire divided L.A. family — plenty of room for the steps, exes, halfs and adopteds.

Remember the tea? The how-high-can-I-pour-the-tea contest?

Andrew Gruver of Saddle Ranch — the only place in L.A. that sells where you can get horseshoes — is now on some city paperwork attached to the Dar Maghreb address. Camel Ranch?

Definitely the best part of a night out at Dar Maghreb was the tables of white t-shirt and shorts wearing tourists on either side of you. Wrong stop my friends. This is fine Moroccan dining.

It’s seems like a far off notion now to be sitting around thinking of where to go on your birthday and say … Hmm, Mr. Chow, Eveleigh, maybe that new Laurel Hardware … No, wait, I know … let’s take it up a notch …

After 40 plus years, an amazing run for any restaurant, especially in L.A. where many venues are on the 18 month obsolescence plan.

Thank you for my dinner towel.

The chicken dish with the powered sugar on top is called B’Stilla.

ma’a salaama

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