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Mastros New 3rd Floor aka Mastros Penthouse | The Daily Truffle LA

Mastro’s New 3rd Floor aka Mastro’s Penthouse

What has 1500 degree ovens, cougars, dried ice seafood towers and a newly opened penthouse? Mastro’s new 3rd floor is all the rage. Whilst at Vignette last night, we conferred with some friends who were there for dinner and got the full scoop.

According to them, the Penthouse is amazing, gigantic, and has outside seating over-looking BH, an indoor dining hall, a full bar, a special sushi menu, ‘handcrafted cocktails’, a DJ and it’s own Twitter account: @MastrosPH.

Lower Canon is SERIOUSLY giving upper Canon a run for it’s money right now with Bouchon, Spago re-oping, Scarpetta and now the upper deck of Mastro’s — all within the two lower blocks of Canon Drive. The excitement could take some custos from Peter G. and the Dragos … who have a dozen lots combined on the top two blocks of Canon Drive.

via @alexajigga

Mastros new 3rd floor — via @Lovebevhills

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