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Details Magazine Hollywood Mavericks Party at Soho House | The Daily Truffle LA

Details Magazine Hollywood Mavericks Party at Soho House

Hier soir Details Magazine feted it’s 50+ Angelenos named in it’s Hollywood Mavericks issue that covers their faves in acting, directing, film, TV, and more. Cadillac sponsored the event as part of their tease for the weekend’s upcoming LA Auto Show.

Spotted: Seth Rogan, John Krazinski, James Van Der Beek, Chris Evans, Minka Kelly, Jamie Chung, Fred Savage and more.

See celerity gifs from Soho House last night here on Bosco.

Here is their extensive list: Hollywood Mavericks

The Leading Man

Leonardo diCaprio

The Showrunners

The behind-the-scenes leaders of today’s most beloved TV series have become as famous as the stars of their shows, whether they like it or not.

Elizabeth Meriwether, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Dan Harmon, Alex Gansa, Greg Berlanti.

The Career Opportunists

Most actors wait for the star-making role of a lifetime to come along. A few have the balls to go out and write it themselves.

Chris Colfer, Lauren Miller, Josh Radnor, Brit Marling.

The Next Big Thing

Rebel Wilson

The Survivors

Andrew Rannells, Chris Messina

The Idea Man

John Krasinski

The Directors

The Directors What everyone in Hollywood would really like to do is direct. But before you get to call “Action!,” you have to take some.

Ariel Vromen, Mark Webber, Fred Savage, Max Winkler, Lake Bell.

The Outsourced Superhero

Henry Cavill

The Creative Collectives

A group of iconoclastic writer-producer-director teams aren’t just subverting the system, they’re replacing it.

XYZ Films’ Nate Bolotin, Nick Spicer, Aram Tertzakian; Before the Door’s Corey Mossa, Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson.

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Party pics via @jenniferfabian @druszk87

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