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Gossip Girl Final Season Recap — Ep. 6 | The Daily Truffle LA

Gossip Girl Final Season Recap — Ep. 6

Who can’t see this?

We now understand why Blair has been so lame on every episode this fall; it’s all been a set-up for her ultimate comeback, and setting the stage for the power couple we knew was coming: Sage + Blair.

Best Quotes:

  • “Even Beck said no” – Rufus on his guest list
  • “Financial records from illegal oil trade.” — the most complex thing Nate has ever said
  • “I’m powerless over my scheming and my life has become unmanageable” — Blair
  • “A work of Bart” — Gossip Girl (or Dan, as some of our truffle hunters are now voting)
  • “I’m Salieri, you’re Mozart” – Blair to Eleanor
  • If you’re not good, I will bring back Vanessa back from a 3rd world country.” — Serena trying to win Dan back

Pop it Dan!

Awkward Moments:

  • Chuck employing Nate to loosen the lips of another man
  • Dan’s Vespa wheelie
  • Nate cracked the code to Bart’s henchman’s “Traffic” reference


  • Who would win in a hands only fight between Lily vs Ivy?
  • How come Chuck just didn’t rip the envelope off the back of the painting instead of paying 1.1 Mil?
  • Does Ivy’s hair look better curly or straight?
  • Why are there suddenly so many paparazzi interested in Serena just bc she and Dan have a sex tape? And has she really always been good at pool.


  • Art Production Fund’s Benefit is a real event for a real charity
  • The Conrad is a real hotel in New York
  • Via Cardona (unknown — comment below if you know)
  • Benedict Tate (unknown — comment below if you know)
  • Patrick McMullen, Spencer Sweeney, Fab Five Freddy at the art auction — All real people.

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