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Gossip Girl Final Season Recap — Ep. 7

The secret society made of the monarchs of the 5 most powerful schools – Dons Brealey, Nightingale, Chaplin, Spence and Constance

Last night’s GG was trickier than Battleship. William van der Woodsen returns in a surprise twist where he is revealed to be conspiring (with benefits) with Ivy. They teamed up after he helped Lola transfer her share of Cece’s inheritance to Ivy. Does this make Lola in the running to be Gossip Girl?

The Bart / Chuck war is raging on and it’s now taking casualties. Nate’s mystery backer turns out to be Bart who was investing in a future time when blackmailing Nate would help him defeat Chuck.

After Dan and Serena have espresso in bed, Dan tells Georgina he is writing a Serena Chapter. This means nothing as we can no longer count on the CW writing team to carry through on a thought.

Did anyone notice the nuns walking around behind Bart while he is on the phone? What was that? Confession? Confused.


  • Chuck: “Send all the maids you have.”
  • Blair: “The gift bags must be perfect.” (True that B, true that).
  • Sage: “The Katniss Everdeen Generation.”
  • Nellie: “We already have Stella, Phoebe and the Mulleavy sisters.”
  • Ivy: “All I want is for Lily to be left with no one and nothing.”
  • Blair: “My dads not a Beatle (refers to Stella McCartney) and I’m not in high school.”
  • Ivy: “I’m giving Lily her comeuppance.” (Rufus clearly has taught Ivy how to play Scrabble at the loft)
  • Blair: “I want a meeting of the 5 families … Invoke the order of the secrets.”
  • Sage: “When it comes to power the mob trumps the monarchy.”

Awkward moments:

  • Dan’s v-neck
  • Ivy and William Baldwin …
  • Bart’s wife beater
  • When Lily uses the possessive form of Charles.


  • DVF was mentioned — that would be Diane Von Fusterberg
  • Stella, Phoebe and the Mulleavy sisters refers to McCartney, Chloe and Rodarte.
  • Teddy bear at the hotel is the infamous Instagram-able stuffed animal “Bowery Bear” on all the beds of the Bowery Hotel.
  • Sarabeth’s is a real breakfast spot in NY
  • Barney’s Coop has lots of pop-up shops like B for Waldorf

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