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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Recap — Ep. 2 | The Daily Truffle LA

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Recap — Ep. 2

And leave my presents in the bin

To re-cap the episode before we get into our ‘awkward moments’ segway ….

We want to discuss the emergence of a great new character on the show and finally someone we can look up to: Gigi Hadi. The calm, collected teenage model daughter of real life stage mom Yolanda.

This episode was all about Portia’s birthday party. Here’s what she had: A photo booth, carnival games, animal balloons, Mexican food, Chinese food, a present bin, pony rides, silk screening,  face painting, moon bounce, shark pool toys, cotton candy, and goldfish prizes.

Note to Brandi & Adrienne: Taylor and Lisa will never forgive you. You accused them of profiting off dead husband and selling stories to Us Weekly. We have better friends who don’t talk us because we didn’t invite them to Malibu last summer. File it under never going to happen.

Observation: Kyle has greatly matured, avoiding gossip on Brandi. Although playing a dangerous game trying to get Lisa to meet with Adrienne. Dangerous game indeed.

Now on to ….

Awkward moments:

  • The $311.00 tag at Glen Kids.
  • The entire Walk a Mile event. Especially Mauricio speed walking.
  • Yolanda doesn’t want her daughter to look “too Chinese.”
  • Adrienne and Paul at the stripper shoe store. I mean seriously.
  • Gigi’s brown and green model-food slurpie.
  • Lisa walking the Lama through Kyle’s house. And Kyle not stopping her. Get some balls.
  • Kim’s glamour face at the photobooth.
  • Mauricio is not worried about lamas, ponies and heels getting on his tennis court  — but burritos are not ok?
  • Brandi’s passive aggressive exit
  •  The Apollojets product placement it the midst of a flight to Sacremento for a charity event … or was it a message from  the sponsor.
  • Did Brandi say that she slept with everyone in Beverly Hills?


  • Yolanda to her daughter Gigi: “Relax, I modeled for Body Glove.”
  • Kyle to the pony trailer: “Is there a unicorn in there? I ordered flying unicorns, all I see are brown ponies.”
  • The pony wrangler’s thoughts on Kyle’s tennis court: “It will probably hose off.”
  • Adrienne:  “The phone rings both ways.”
  • Lisa to the lama: “I’m boss. Come on.”
  • Mauricio on the Walk a Mile race: “This is not one I need to win.”
  • Mauricio on Paul’s strategy: “Those aren’t high heels! That’s just an elevated boot.”
  • Brandi: “This is a kids party; I shouldn’t be here.”
  • Brandi: “Taylor said hi to her, her, her, her, her, her and not me.”
  • Brandi: “Not saying hello is an aggressive thing to do, (actually it’s a passive aggressive thing to do, B).

And finally a side note: It’s interesting that when 15-year-olds get to be 25, Portia Umansky will be their Olsen Twins.

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