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Here’s What We Want for Christmas 2013! | The Daily Truffle LA

Here’s What We Want for Christmas 2013!

Here is what we need: a charger to charge our ever-dying iPhone. What’s worse than discovering your treadmill at Equinox doesn’t actually charge your phone is remembering you also removed your car charger from your car and you have a million plans to make before you get home … Let us introduce to you the new J. Crew Power Mate Plus available at the Grove for next to nothing considering the relief this will bring you. Truffle Approved!

===iconAnother must-have is the new book brought to you by The Betches — aka creators of Betches Love This. This book is currently on pre-order (which probably means it’s not yet written) but who cares — it’s the thought that counts and plus they just changed the cover from white to black.


CHLOÉ Marcie Mini leather shoulder bag

Back when the whole mini-bag this started, we wanted one of each. From the Celine nano to the PS1 mini … We’re super into this teeny weeny saddle bag from Chloe right now.


Mini iPad

We’ve never been a fan of the iPad. It was half a laptop and twice an iphone and most people we now only ended using theirs to log into multiple Instagram accounts. (TIP TO READERS: You don’t need two devices to do this). The mini is cuter, more realistic, and less expense. But the major thing to note about this is that now Alexander Wang, Fendi, Chanel and so forth will be putting out a whole new line of mini cases. #canthardlywait



Tiffany Leather

Meet our new best friend Tiffany Leather … Ever since the Tiffany Leather F/W Collection Dinner at Soho House  last month. Now you can have your wallets and clutches in Tiffany blue.

Updated Ddaily ’til Christmas (or until we get everything we want).

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