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Gossip Girl Final Season Recap — Ep. 8

So, this is how you become Bart Bass

Let’s skip right to the trailer for next week’s episode with the plane crash. According to the internet Chuck does not actually die in that crash because Victoria Grayson taught him how to fake die in an air plane. So let’s not worry about that one.

We are suspecting a good-guy end game with Dan at this point because it’s just not possible for him to be this hot. Our guess is there is a long term plan Dan is carrying out for the benefit of the group …

Did Blair really dress up like sexy Pocahontas for Thanksgiving?
What is a wong-kim-pow-chip push up bra?
How did B get all of Bart’s passwords?
How does Nate know how to use a computer?
Why was Dorato cooking Serena and Dan’s Thanksgiving even before B was invited?


  • Is this the speech where u tell me were from different worlds? Yah, I wrote the book. (Dan to Rufus)
  • Hey Dominique Dummy. (someone to Dan)
  • Aren’t u suppose to be on a white sand beach where no one pays capital gains tax? (group to Lily and Bart)
  • Darling, you went grocery store! I’m so proud. (Lily to S)
  • Doesn’t event thing look wonderful. The bar certainly does. (Chuck to group)
  • I came up here to make up, not to watch you and Chuck play Wikileaks. (Sage to Nate)
  • You can watch … She’s a keeper Nate. (Sage, Chuck)
  • Thank you everyone for coming, even Georgina who I didn’t actually invite … but thank you. (Sererna)
  • Do not leave me alone with them. Last time I attended a shunning — I ended up in Siberia. (Georgina)

Awkward Moments:

  • Dan’s v-neck (still)
  • Steve being Gluten-free
  • Chuck watching Sage and Nate’s “5 minutes”
  • Bart’s password is “ParkAve740”

Notes …

Best Spirit Crushing Moment:

You were suppose to be different — Serena
I use to be … It got me nowhere, so now I’m the same — Dan

Best New Evil Elevator-Trio:

Bart + Dan + Georgina

Biggest Fallacy:

They fear you Dan … Welcome to the upper east side — Rufus to Dan. (We don’t feel like anyone fears Dan. Do you?)

Inside referenecs:
I was thinkng about Taking a few days at Miraval — This is universal code for I’m getting a face lift or my husband may kill me


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