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Holiday Vaca Round Up 2013 … | The Daily Truffle LA

Holiday Vaca Round Up 2013 …

Hello Trufflers!! Now that we are all back from our various excursions to all points of the globe from the exotic South Africa and Puentes del Este to the standard Aspen and St. Bart’s we want to take a moment to look at a few Instagrams of our favorite truffle hunters, friends and idols who’ve made our holiday much more oogle over … Before we start to prepare our party lists for the Golden Globes (Jan 13) and Sundance (Jan 17) anddddd the Gangster Squad premier on Monday night in Hollywood, here is a little report on how people spent their NYE and Christmas breaks …

Serengeti mobile tent life. A&K via @DavidKatzenberg

Serengeti swag. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. via @DavidKatzenberg

Sun valley ski squad @mattgoulet @daniel6davis @rob_hurt @mahhhc@shizzleone via @PatrickSchwarzenegger

8 people 3 cars and 1 plane we are 1/2 way —-> SF @foshosh via @adam_banditz (Adam Moonves)

We made it to the top! emoji cc: @VanessaDuBasso via @BarronHilton

Maui sunset emoji @vanessadubasso #nofilter via @BarronHilton

emojiemoji We are family! My brother and my sisters and me! emojiemoji @ParisHilton @NickyHilton @BarronHilton @ConradHilton via @BarronHilton

Amazing day @ Mar-a-lago’s Trump Invitational. The #riders and their #horseswere spectacular. via @IvankaTrump

Powder Mountain with @itsadambraun @summitd @jwarhol and the fellas.#GodsCountry via @ScooterBraun

Was a really great trip. Thank u Costa Rica. Now back to work via @ScooterBraun

Great run in the paradise that is Costa Rica via @ScooterBraun

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