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RIP: El Torito Grill Beverly Hills | The Daily Truffle LA

RIP: El Torito Grill Beverly Hills

Our Beverly Hills Truffle Hunters are reporting the doors have shut and the phones are unanswered at this resto where many of us have had a love hate relationship all our lives. Love because we looooooove the tortillas and honey butter but hate because we hate the screaming children under the Vegas-stlye fake blue sky and clouds dimly lit with … purple?

Yet it was the destination of choice for many area native’s birthdays, family dinners, and later in life guilty pleasures with high school friends, slow Cinco de Mayos (we all have those years), and the final hurdle to get to Equinox after we found parking. Only now that we are actually looking at the website do we find out they have Sunday brunch?!

The restaurant we all like to pretend is not part of that other ‘El Torito’ chain may be no more but the good news is that we can now all go to the valley according to one Truffle Hunter who reported a sign on the door saying “Your nearest El Torito location is in Sherman Oaks.”

I guess that solves the riddle on if they are or are not part of ‘that’ chain. Our cyber-friends at Eater wrote a year ago that this restaurant had gone off lease, filed for bankruptcy and was paying month-to-month until the building found a new owner. This is all seemingly unrelated to the unusual semi-name change to Sinigual a couple years back.

This also brings up the discussion of the Camdem / Bedford area aka restaurant death row. No restaurants except El Torito (until now), Mr. Chow, Crustacean and Brighton Way Cafe have ever survived it.

Our attempts to confirm this information have been limited to what we can do from our day jobs so if you can confirm or deny or add please do comment below or email our hotline at

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