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Hollywood Bowl Summer Kick-Off Event | The Daily Truffle LA

Hollywood Bowl Summer Kick-Off Event


We went to the Hollywood Bowl last week for their ‘season kick off.’ It was on the actual stage looking out over the bleachers which was cool. The pool circle was empty but usually there are tables in there and it’s very expensive. You either have to own them or buy tics from someone who does. Dudamel spoke and Patina had this new menu they were introducing. There were tables of macaroons with dried ice and sushi boats and pork belly sandwiches and bunch of other food that you can now order — really good. We were surprised to see them serving Cupcake wine. The entire LA Phil / Bowl board was present and a bunch of donors and some media people and bunch of dancers and musicians who are part of the bowl. They also announced the LA Phil Gala coming up on June. We found a ticket link here. They also have a new wine bar they are building. Lisa Gild who use to be at Angeleno is doing marketing for LA Phil / Bowl now so if you need a contact, we can get you her num. Wagstaff is still doing Patina pr.

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