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Introducing Video for Instagram | The Daily Truffle LA

Introducing Video for Instagram


Albeit we have two Instavids still ‘processing’ from yesterday, we are still majorly excited about this new Instagram feature! For those still not on Instagram, it’s probably best since this is going to be a whole new time suck and serious distraction but if you are on Instagram and are shying away from your update alerts, we say take the plunge! You basically have 15 seconds to make a vid, you have to use the actual Instagram app itself to shoot it, it wont get recorded on your phone and you cant use a video you already have which is semi-annoying but ok, fine. Not all web-base viewers for Instagram can play the videos. Our favorite — — for instance, does not. Meanwhile,, Instagram’s own viewer, works fine. The filters are all new, new names, new hues, but no borders. You hold a button on the screen to shoot, and lift to stop. You can back up section by section which is helpful, and delete pieces but only pieces. One cool feature we would like to see is a slightly more sophisticated editor or a blur function in case you catch a friend looking like sh*t in one frame or an innocent bystander who hates the interweb or some horrendous reality star you didn’t see until you re-watched … and erasing it means ruining your whole otherwise perf video.

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