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A LinkedIn for the 1 Percent? | The Daily Truffle LA

A LinkedIn for the 1 Percent?

In case you were never the type who cared that Naomi Campbell was on Small World, or that a senator’s kid was on Late Night Shots, perhaps you will like to see how you may be connected to Henry Kravis or Ron Perelman … You know, in case you ever need to acquire a super market chain.

In my world of mergers and acquisitions, we contact lots of decision makers and C level execs to identify potential investment targets. Of course we know them or they are on referral … But I guess some people need the yellow pages? Enter these directories? Networks? Or just algorithms that scrapes the web for the title of CEO?

Nonetheless, we always like to find a way to meet more men in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, and venture capital. Our Truffle Hunters tell us the top sites are Relationship Science, Prospect Visual (, Leadership Directories, FoundationSearch, and IntellectSpace, being the oldest, which includes,, and

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