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LA Private School Moms’ “It Bags” by Campus | The Daily Truffle LA

LA Private School Moms’ “It Bags” by Campus

chanelpursecostumeIn honor of our Truffle Hunters heading back to school this week, we break down the most frequently spotted handbags on moms from all the majors and it’s actually not that surprising … The traditional, elite schools stick to time tested classical bags, while the more showy schools show more labels – luxury labels of course. The schools with more edge have edgy moms who set their own trends with lesser known or new designers, and the progressive schools go with quirky, unique, recycled or vegan bags. From Buckley where Celine Luggage is still en vogue, to Westland school where moms love to rock reusable bags, to Oakwood where the Phillip Lim Satchel has been a hit … Here are some of the hottest arm fixtures spotted at morning drop-off — aka the catwalk!

Brentwood: Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique Bionic Tote and Rochas Tote Bag, anything Gucci or Balenciaga


Buckley: Celine Luggage Tote, Hermes “Birkin”


Campbell Hall: Goyard Tote, anything Kate Spade


Center For Early Education: Celine, Hermes BirkinPrada-287x300

Crossroads: Clare Vivier Monogram “Messenger” Toteimg-thing

Curtis: Celine Luggage Tote, Valentino “Rockstud” Tote and Michael Kors “Miranda”

img-thing (1)

Harvard-Westlake: Celine Luggage Tote, anything Chanel, anything Prada

Prada 287x300 Top 5 Most Expensive Bag Brands

John Thomas Dye: Chanel Flap Bag, Yves Saint Laurent “Y-Ligne” Carryall

Chanel Flap Bag

Oakwood: Phillip Lim Satchel

Philip Lim

Phillip Lim’s chic handbag will play a staring role at one Valley school.

Wesley: Louis Vuitton “Neverfull” Tote


Westland: Stella McCartney, vegan-friendly “Falabella” Tote Bag, Free City Cotton Tote, any reusable bag.

Free City

Windward: Goyard Tote, Celine Luggage Tote

Goyard Tote

Tote it! This Goyard tote bag will be seen at lots of private schools around town.

This post was co-authored by Christina Simon – co-author of Beyond The Brochure: An Insider’s Guide To Private Elementary Schools In Los Angeles. She is the mom of a 4th grade son and a 6th grade daughter who attend school in Los Angeles. Christina’s work has been published on The Huffington Post,, Mamapedia, BlogHer, The Mother Company, Scary Mommy and of course here on The Daily Truffle. She blogs at Beyond the Brochure, or you can find her on Facebook

TRUFFLE HUNTERS: Did we miss something? Comment below if we missed a school or bag! xoxo


Halloween at SOHO House 2011… Only in L.A. would men dress up as Hermes, Birken and 2.55 Chanel bags! Amazing, no?

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4 comments for “LA Private School Moms’ “It Bags” by Campus

  1. September 8, 2013 at 10:58 am

    FABULOUS!! And very educational! For example, I now know I would never fit in at Wesley. Not a Louis Vuitton lover – unless it’s a steamer trunk. HA! Can you do a round up of the bags of Beverly Hills Public School moms??? Let’s start with me – No bag. iPhone tucked in the back of my lulu lemons so I can walk straight from drop off!

  2. Betty
    March 8, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Gross. Really. Materialistic and actually absurd. Did you even read what you wrote before you published it? What BAGS private school moms carry?! This has to be a joke. How is this worthy of being published? As a parent waiting on admission decisions next week I found this blog thinking there might be something substantive here about the admissions process. Apparently I took a wrong turn. You need to decide why your doing this blog. If you just want celebrities to like you, you should get into the entertainment business. This is supposed to be about private schools in LA. Thanks for the info on “it bags” though, because I didn’t already think LA is pretentious enough.

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