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LA Private School Tuition


L.A. private school tuition isn’t cheap! And, tuition doesn’t even cover the full cost of educating a child at a private school. So, in addition to writing the big check, a parent can expect to contribute to annual giving, auctions or gala fundraiser and numerous other events throughout the year. Tuition typically rises about 4 percent per year, depending on the school.

Secondary Schools:
Archer: $30,925
Brentwood: $32,950 (most expensive)
Buckley: $32,475
Campbell Hall: $30,990
Crossroads: $31,900
Harvard-Westlake: $31,350
Loyola Boys School: $15,240
Marlborough: $32,485
Oakwood: $32,050
Pilgrim: $14,340
Wildwood: $32,425
Viewpoint: $31,205
Windward: $31,648

Elementary Schools
Buckley: $28,846 (most expensive)
Brentwood: $28,250
Campbell Hall: $25,990
Carlthorp: $21,864
Center For Early Education: $23,050
Crossroads: $26,600
Curtis: $23,950
John Thomas Dye: $24,650
Laurence: $23,000
Oakwood: $27,370
PS#1: $23,950
Pilgrim: $12,360
Viewpoint: $26,515
Westland: $19,020
Westside Waldorf: $18,768
Wildwood: $25,985
Willows: $24,800

* Source: Individual School Websites
** Private school tuition rises about 4 percent annually

Christina Simon is the co-author of Beyond The Brochure: An Insider’s Guide To Private Elementary Schools In Los Angeles. Christina’s work has been published on, The Mother Company and numerous other publications. Beyond The Brochure has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth Street, The Pasadena Sun and on KOST 103.5 FM and many local and national mom blogs. Christina blogs at

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