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Annual Coachella Party List 2014 | The Daily Truffle LA

Annual Coachella Party List 2014



TH1: Sonos + Diplo might be list worthy. I dont recall sonos doing a Coachella party before. Dont know where it is tho.
TH1: Armani isn’t sponsoring Neon Carnival this year, so Shadow PR isn’t handling. Nylon is the new sponsor…p
TH2: BMF Media is handling Neon Carnival still – dont know if anyone has any connections there.
TH1: BMF isn’t overseeing Neon. I double-checked with Ed. They are doing something with Mia Moretti tho
TH2: oh snap ok cool
TH3: Best Productions/ Bolthouse is still doing the production
TH2: I haven’t seen an invite …?
TH4: per Bolthouse, details go out tomr (4/3) and pick up is next Wednesday at Warwick and then Friday somewhere in PS … Each person has to go in person to get their own so there’s no friendsies
TH1: Did Jen get married? I noticed she cahnged her last name …
TH2: yeh Mia Moretti party looks good. Too bad it’s in Palm Springs, but it will probably have a cool crowd since the Teddy’s peeps are involved. I think it’s list worthy.
TH2: Def, it’s Mia’s first own coachella party. Myles and wade are dear friends and have never thrown a bad party, ever! Mia is dj the Harpers gig same day, interesting.
TH1: Lacoste is Happening for sure again this year
TH2: ID PR is handling Lacoste and Guess Hotel at Viceroy. Elijah Wood will return as DJ at Lacoste. I don’t know who at IDPR… Anyone want to chase this? If not, I can figure it out.
TH3: Patricia leomin is handling at id-pr
TH4: I think Austin shmead is too internally
TH3: The Harper’s Bazaar editors are doing this at the Parker …. its a new event for Coach during the first weekend
TH4: Bazaar did this last year at the parker – it isn’t new, last year was the first year that mulberry didn’t do their gig so they took it over
TH1: (4/9) The Neon Carnival wristbands were held up at customs and won’t be at warwick today lol
TH2: Customs? Were they coming from Mexico?
TH1: I’m assuming china or something Idk tho ….. RFID chip seems very Hong Kong china esque
TH2: Ur the best investagatory journalist ever
TH3: Lol I’m assuming, not sure, but thank you!!! In another life I would have been a detective, worked in forensics, or for the FBI.
TH4: Nacny Drew and the Case of the Missing Wristbands lol
TH5: Looks like there is a possibility of no ticket pickup tomorrow as well …. Best bet is to PU @ desert location…Fri/Sat 1-6
TH1: Soho House did a party last year weekend 2 as a trial party and it was a hit so they are doing it weekend 1 this year. It was the best last year – amazing music w coachella performers dj-ing, fab house, fully catered, etc.. last year it was a day party only and closed at 7, but this year it has different hours. I think the day party is just on sat and sun and they will be open until 2am on fri, sat and sun night. something like that.
TH2: I’ll look into Soho as well …
TH1: It’s at the Merv Griffin estate btw
TH2: Prob my favorite party estate! Is is only for Soho members?
TH1: actually members can’t even go, it’s really all about the list. last year it was super tight, members werent guaranteed to be on the list but anyone could be (e.g., bands and mgrs who arent members). so its really just a list situation and anyone can go.
TH2: I hear their internal PR is handling …
TH1: I don think they don’t have internal PR …
TH3: they have things going on weekend 2 as well ….
TH1: That PR firm Syndicate is doing some RSVPsssss
TH1: h&m will prob be good, their party last year during the day I heard good things about
TH2: duh
TH3: why are they doing it Saturday up against neon and Jeremy Scott? They should have done it Friday except no one know who Details is getting.
TH4 their surprise is prolly Pharrell …. He’s been doing literally everything. It’s his time. If they wanted to blow it they’d get miley but I don’t think Details have that kind of money
TH1: here’s the Guess invite …. Also id-pr …
TH1: Kari Feinstein is doing her suite again
TH2: is she doing an airstream again?
TH2: no it’s at La Quinta … Talent only unless u know someone
TH2: They are being VERY strict about the Jeremy Scott door because of neighbors and police and have the check in at Palm Springs Museum of Art … any walk-ups to the actual event venue will be turned away.
TH1: Saguaro Desert Weekender once again is on (EFG / Rembrandt is handling)
TH2: from Saguaro  invite ….Hosted by: The dFm, Hello Stranger, Rolling Stone, Opening Ceremony, Rhonda International, and DJ Harvey
TH1: Bootsy Bellows is returning on Saturday w/McDonalds and Chevy sponsoring. Ben Russo and EMCBowery are handling.
TH2: EMC Bowery is also handling Details Mag
TH5: Vestal Village is happening again …. here is the link and password (password: removed at request of event planners)
TH2: they just changed the password prolly due to us
TH3: I heard it’s something to do w yellow brick road
TH4: think more eat me drink me
TH7: Filter Magazine is doing their Thursday night party again as usual.
TH4: The Do-Over at The Ace. Hipster Hell but
TH1: here is the invite for the Stylecaster party
TH8: Hard Rock lineup at Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs / Goldenvoice’s electronic division LED: The pool parties run 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. April 10–13 and April 17–20. Tickets are $40 each for Dirty South, A-Trak and Showtek; $60 for Skrillex; $100 for Disclosure, David Guetta and Martin Garrix; $125 for Tiesto. Tickets went on sale this morn. Lineup: April 10th DIRTY SOUTH April 11th A-TRAK April 12th DISCLOSURE April 13th DAVID GUETTA April 17th SKRILLEX April 18th MARTIN GARRIX April 19th TIESTO April 20th SHOWTEK
TH3: uber is doing rides out there #uberaccess

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