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Fashion blogger Geri Hirsch hosted a dinner for 38 other fashion bloggers and stylites at her house for "Club W," a new curated wine club. | The Daily Truffle LA

Geri Hirsch’s Dinner Soiree for ‘Club W,’ a New Wine Club

Pictured above: Blogger Heaven – Via @michala20

Fashion blogger Geri Hirsch (Leaf TV, Because I’m Addicted) hosted a dinner for 38 fashionites at her house last night for “Club W,” a new curated wine club. Billed as the world’s only personalized wine club, Club W is a “global winery,” “making ridiculously delicious wine at a fantastic price (from $13 a bottle).”

A sneak peek of the 40 person @clubw wine tasting dinner going down at my house tonight! Thank you @archiverentals @annielcampbell and@casadeperrin for making this so beautiful. – Via @gerihirsch / Geri Hirsch

So fancy! Thank you @gerihirsch for the most beautiful dinner setting. emoji / 10.9.14 – via @sincerelyjules / Julie Sariñana

Delicious wine. Great carbs. Lovely people. Did I ever mention how much I love dinner parties? @gerihirsch, you have a lovely backyard. – Via @thatschic / Rachel Nguyen

@gerihirsch Is the hostess with the mostess!! So excited to fill all of these gorgeous @casadeperrin glasses with @clubw wines for our four courses of wine pairings! #casadeperrin @becauseimaddicted @archiverentals @kristajon – Via @annielcampbell / Annie Campbell

It’s getting romantic up in here @acozykitchen @sosupersam @stopitrightnow@chrisellelim @the_esstate @sayreziskin @michala20 @zuzubean@biggiemals @em_henderson @designlovefest @thestyleeditrix@grasiemercedes @lateafternoon @thatschic @donatiennela @songofstyle@mrcuit @alwaysjudging @sincerelyjules @sydnesummer @devonrachel@jenpinkston @mrkatedotcom @jaclynrjohnson @clubw @tf_la@sophiemonet @erinfalconer @thematfinish @vanessabeletic@annielcampbell @archiverentals @casadeperrin #38drunks – Via Geri Hirsch

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