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Another Dating App for the 1%


Last month we covered ivy-targeted dating app The League (they’re SF-based for now but we’ll let you know when they launch in LA). Now “Luxy,” a new dating app that calls itself “Tinder minus the poor people” has emerged today via press release much to the chagrin of Joe Public.
Tinder minus the rif raff, as it’s billed, says you can now shop for affluent people in your neighborhood … It’s Tinder without low-income dating prospects. In fact, the average income of male users on LUXY is over $200k and those who are unable to keep up financially are immediately removed from the service. Yikes! How very Dr Covington. For those of you who don’t mind weeding out a few, the app is available in the App Store for iPhone.

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  1. RoadToHanna
    October 7, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    This is major

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