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How Many Ultra Rich Individuals Are Living In Los Angeles? | The Daily Truffle LA

How Many Ultra Rich Individuals Are Living In Los Angeles?


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According to a new report from Wealth-X, the world’s leading ultra high net worth intelligence firm, there are 5,135 individuals living in LA with assets in the $30 million plus range. SF beats us out with 5,460 — but this together makes California the state with the highest number of ultra wealthy individuals in the US — before New York which has 9,530 and the entire UK which has 11,510.

Here are some fun facts from the report:

  • California and New York added 865 and 585 UHNW individuals respectively to their populations in 2014, the largest increase in UHNW population size among US states.
  • New York City is the city with the largest ultra wealthy population in the United States – and in the world.
  • The state of New York ranks second in the United States with 9,530 UHNW individuals, 8,655 of whom are based in New York City.
  • North Dakota’s UHNW population grew 14.3%, making it the state with the fastest growing UHNW population.
  • Florida’s UHNW population increased by more than 10%, adding almost 500 new individuals over the past year, due to strong growth in the state’s financial and real estate sectors.
  • Michigan added almost 200 new UHNW individuals in 2014 due to rising confidence in the state’s economic outlook.
  • Wealth-X uses the individual’s primary business address as a determinant of his or her location.

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