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A Small World “Shutting Down”, Coming Back “Better Than Ever”


An email sent out to members of the once-legendary social networking site A Small World from the lovely Sabine Heller, current CEO, stated they are taking the site down for a re-do. This follows a February 2013 sent internally to members stating unused invitations would expire March 1st, and the site would accept no new members. This also follows an email sent out last fall advising preferred users that the site would be weeding out some members.

A mix of the website changing hands, opening membership to a wider base, and having low tech functionality caused the once trusting and avid base of the site, where one could loan yachts, join a truffle hunt, or procure Oscar tickets, to loose interest.

Some say the post 2004 era of users was the main dropping point while others call it the bump in users to 250,000. In any case, early adopters of the site all maintain the Camelot moment of ASW was so phenominal, they would get back on board for another round, if it were the same.

ASW founder Erik Wachtmeister launched a new site called Best of All Worlds last year to bring over his intial base.

The email to members mentioned that much of the site’s content may not be available when they re-launch. Most will concur, the forums were the site’s main highlight and major asset. Those who valued those online chats, should go copy down the cell for the maitre d’ at Scott’s!

We look forward to seeing a new and improved ASW soon.

UPDATE: Per a webmaster on the social networking site: “We’re unable to confirm just how long the site will be offline, but please expect that it will be for at least for a couple of days while we prepare to launch the new site. It should be in approximately one month.”