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Is New York Getting a Paul & Andres for Fashion Week?

via (@BaronAndre) via Instagram Aug 31

LA’s favorite pop-up club “Paul & Andres” (now closed) might be getting a New York outpost come Sept 2012 so we hear …

Update (Aug 15): Our Truffle Hunters tell us Andre will make the NY debut of his new spot during New York Fashion Week next month.

Update (Aug 31): Andre Saraiva Instagrammed a pic of his trademark ‘Mr. A’ street art character on Aug. 29 saying: ‘”Chez Andre” coming soon…’. Then again today he loaded another pic this time posting a picture of a pink matchbook reading “Chez Andre” … I think we can safely assume at this point that is likely the name of his new New York Fashion Week spot. “Prepare yourself….” he wrote in the comments. via (@BaronAndre) via Instagram

Check out this recent interview with Andre posted by Vice magazine on Aug. 29 where Andre discusses growing up in Paris and the evolution of his painting and street art and Le Baron in Paris (which was originally a whore house and based on “friendship and creativity” instead of money and fame):

via Andre via Instagram Aug 29