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Casting Affluent San Diego Housewives for Guess What …?


Once again the Truffle minds are being called upon to reach out to our network of connected and affluent and chic Truffle readers to refer a list of potential cast mates for a new reality show about …. Yes, Housewives. (we formally say it but if you Twitter wink at us – we’ll wink back). If you live in or know anyone who lives in affluent San Diego neighborhoods such as Rancho Sante Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla, etc. for a “Housewives type show” … This is an AMAZING opportunity for anyone who wants a book deal or a spin off show about their new restaurant.

Our friends casting the show (who brought Adrienne Maloof to the #RHOBH) will be down in the area tonight through Thursday evening; now is the time to act. Don’t consult your husband / psychic / money manager or friend whose husband is an agent. Your contact for this assignment should you choose to accept it is friend of the Truffle: Alex Shaw at

PS – If you are traveling the world for the holidays and not in the area while they are down there … you can still send info.
Pic via Ciara Allen

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Recap — Ep. 5

Taylor vs. Brandi’s Book Deal Brawl

Dear Camille – please send us the details of you etiquette coach. A year ago, you would have been the the focus of this book deal brawl but this season, we don’t hear a peep. P is for progress!

Dear Yolanda – Did you say “unborn fetus of a baby lamb”? Let us know.

Dear Kyle – Why are you always attacking Lisa? This started at the end of season 1 and it’s never been addressed.

Dear Lisa – We were pretty sure you wouldn’t play a sport where bad-mitten balls fly at your face.

Dear Adrienne – When cartwheeling amoung friends and a TV crew, do first  put on eunderwear wti some coverage and if your friends can only lend you a g-string, leggings are a next best.

Dear Brandi – Congratulations on your book deal telling the unknown story of your divorce. Also, props for the following quote: Adrienne took her weave out and did some work.

Dear Yolanda darling – You may indeed want to find a new crowd of friends. Also, you are throwing your ice water way to hard for America. Take it down a notch.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Recap — Ep. 4

Best moment of RHOBH was an ad for these two guys

Due to a boring, over-promotional episode of RHOBH last night with one too many stretch Hummers, we are refraining from our usual coverage. Let’s not make 90210 the laughing stock of the world people.


  • The best moment of the show by far was the trailer for Lisa’s new show.
  • The only “LA thing” they got right last night was: Cry drink Lexipro, cry drink Lexipro.
  • Brandi’s book publisher Harper Collins in the same publisher who put out “If I Did It” by OJ Simpson


  • Brandi: I’ve never sat at a business meeting before.
  • Brandi: I have a wrinkle on my thumb.
  • Brandi: I see your daughters sometimes … Kim: yeh they don’t like you.


  • The finale cartwheel

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Recap — Ep. 3

Yolanda’s many achievements

This episode of the Housewives raised some key concerns: Kyle keeps bringing Taylor to people’s houses, Kim must actually be sober because she is now consistently attending events, and Yolanda and David Foster are hands down the most awkward dinner hosts TV has ever seen.  We’ve also learned Yolanda was married to Lisa’s friend Mohammed, and that David and Mohammed use to be friends. Are we going to see a cat dog fight this season?

Here is the schedule for dinner when you go to the Fosters:

  • 8pm dinner
  • 9pm listen to songs that remind you of your dead husband
  • 9:15pm leave

Awkward moments:

  • Ken fetching Lisa’s Chanel purse
  • Kyle to David: Don’t stop David, don’t stop.
  • At the dinner party: Of course Lisa already knows everyone (David, the butler, etc.) and no one knows Taylor (yah, we’ve met … remember me??)
  • Kyle dating David by saying she use to listen to his music in her mom’s Ford Model T
  • Kim’s doorbell plays the National Anthem
  • Kim tries to act casual making salad with her hands
  • “The only thing uglier than a drunk woman is having less than 12,000 square feet.” – Yolanda
  • “Kenny G, Babyface and Barbara Streisand couldn’t make it tonight … Such a shame.” – Yolanda
  • “I’m not sure I can fit this in my mouth.” — Taylor
  • “When I was your age, I’d roll Kim’s Witch Mountain sponsored Ferrari down Rodeo Drive just to see how many people I could hit.” – Kyle
  • “Yolanda’s aura is so amazing; she’s totally a Capricorn. Oh she’s a Virgo? Yah, totallyyyy!” – Kim


  • Did anyone not recognize a single name on Kim’s famous teen heartthrob list?

Notes to the cast:

  • Kyle (thumb snap): No make-up at the table!!
  • Cast: The “butler” is not stalking you. He is a professional caterer.

There is to more room in that limo!