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A ‘Holodeck’ is in Your Immediate Future

Check out friend of the truffle Jules Urbach on CNBC today talking about his innovative cloud rendering company, OTOY, which has Google’s Eric Schmidt on its board and ps — Ari Emanuel is Jules’ agent; need we say more? Google, Samsung, and others are making goggles (Google’s is called Google Cardboard) that look like old view finders and fully immerse you into … well, anywhere in the world. Need an example of where in the world you might like to sneak a peek? First stop: Behind-the-scenes footage from movie sets and Hollywood studios. “We’ll start with the studios, but then we want to see this expand …” says Jules. A “real-life holodeck” is “months away” … !

MK & Ashley to Open ‘The Row’ on Melrose Place


Sometime in the night, Racked posted a story that Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s line The Row, is opening it’s first-ever store location at 8444 Melrose Place. Leave it to these pint-sized supermodel-ly-looking twins to choose the most elegant address in town. The Row, founded in 2006 with a mission to support high-end fashion manufacturing in the US, has been…