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New York Report: Time Warner Holiday Party

Martha Stewart, Becka Diamond, Nick Cannon

On Thursday the 9th, Time Warner Cable celebrated the launch of their new SignatureHome™ suite of services in sexy three story townhouse in Soho.  I arrived at 9:15 and it was already to capacity but fortunately it was only a 10 minute wait.  This time a year it is literally freezing in NYC so being fashionably late is not always cool or smart.  In fact, I only recently recovered from running around  Halloween weekend which turned into Sinusitis. This is why I have been quiet over the last month….

New York Report: The Daily Truffle <3 Pernod Spirits

We have recently been in touch with the head of Pernod Spirits which is very exciting if you are familiar with the brand. They are the original makers of Absinthe in France, from which we gain our notion of Parisian artists and writers partaking in cafe society. It was known as the green fairy, green muse, or green goddess (the bottle was green and you hallucinate). Absinthe was the toast of Paris until it was found to cause madness and hallucinations and was blamed for everything from the high crime rate to alcoholism to Van Gogh’s self-mutilation. By the time it was outlawed in 1915, it had become known as the green devil.

Absinthe art from Pernod, Van Gogh, Degas

After 1915, Pernod continued to produce of anise liqueurs made from the anise that formerly went into making the Absinthe along with wormwood and herbs. Pernod later acquired the alcoholic beverage division of Seagrams, Allied Domecq and V&S, which means they also now own Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Chivas Regal, Beefeater and Kaluha.

The director of Pernod was kind enough to invite us to a little “thank you” dinner she was hosting for magazine executives, writers, photographers, and bloggers like us. We noticed Mickey Boardman from Paper magazine, a writer from Nylon in the crowd. I was seated next to a banker and a magazine exec, and across from a fashion photographer (who has shot for Vogue and W) and a book editor. The interesting variety of people to made for lively conversation. Stories and cards were exchanged and time moved quickly.

The evening also introduced the latest edition to the Absolut Vodka family: Glimmer. The intimate three-course dinner in the elegant Glass House Towers with spectacular city views was followed by a private concert by Cee-Lo Green (formerly of Gnarls Barkley). Cee-Lo sang his most recent hit “F*ck You” aka “Forget You” recently covered by Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee. His set included songs from his new Lady Killers album and the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy.” I was blown away by the sheer volume and range of Cee-Lo’s voice. Let’s just say for a little guy the man has some set of pipes on him.

NYC: What rain? ArtWalk auction hosted by Richard Gere & Alec Baldwin a success

Carey Lowell, Richard Gere, Mary Brosnahan

New Yorker’s scoff at rain and snow. They may complain a bit or walk more quickly or smile a little less, but they take it in stride because they are used to living in one of the most populated cities in the world. So why let a little rain stop you…?

In fact, last Thursday’s 16th annual ArtWalk NY was the best-attended in the history of the organization.  Over 900 people raised $844,000 for Coalition for the Homeless. It’s safe to say that the event, sponsored by FENDI, and hosted by Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere and his wife, ex-Bond girl Carey Lowell, was a success.

New York Report: Library Honors Lions – Ethan Hawke, Steve Martin, Christina Ricci, Ivanka Trump, Amanda Hearst, Bee Shaffer

After a Halloween weekend as both a Princess (sadly at some point I lost my tiara) and French maid (I managed to hang onto my duster), Monday was a bit soon to hit the dance floor.  However, in the spirit of philanthropy, I rallied. Sponsored by Asprey London and held in the grandeur of the New York Public Library, this year’s Library Lions Gala honored writer, playwright, screenwriter Steve Martin; The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell; actor, novelist and screenwriter Ethan Hawke; noted scholar and widely acclaimed leader of The New York Public Library Paul LeClerc; and novelist Zadie Smith.

NYC: Mick Rock Book Launch Party at John Varvatos Store (Formerly CBGBs) with Jimmy Fallon, Alexandra Richards, Jamie Burke, Charlotte Ronson

rock photographer Mick Rock and Jimmy Fallon

It was an eclectic crowd, young and old, and all walks of life who came this Monday to pay homage to legendary 70’s rock photographer Mick Rock who was celebrating his new book “Exposed” on the Bowery.  Actor Jimmy Fallon, Charlotte Ronson and singer Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler’s mom) were just a few who came to to his gallery show at The Morrison Hotel Gallery (presented by Creem Magazine and Russian Standard Vodka).  His photos are sexy, hot and pure rock and roll but the open bar is dead and I have 45 minutes to kill before the after-party.

NYC: Sothebys “Nude” Art Auction & Party Benefiting the New York Academy of Art

Eric Fischl painting "Beach Scene With Pink Hat"

Who can resist a party called Take Home a Nude? Titillating yes.  Scandalous no. The reality is it was an art auction and cocktail party of nude art work held at Sotheby’s benefiting the New York Academy of Art this past Monday, October 18, 2o10.  The event raised $800,000.00 for the Academy’s extensive scholarship programs.

The Eric Fischl watercolor went for $75,000 to a private bidderTop Chef’s Padma Lakshmi won Kim McCarty‘s Swirl for $12,000 (from the silent auction), Alex White won Donald Baechler‘s Skull for $6,000.  The Will Cotton custom portrait went for $44,000 (bidder was private) Will Cotton painted Katie Perry in the nude for her Teenage Dream album cover and also served as an art director for her California Gurls video.   Aby Rosen won John Currin‘s Glana for $15,000.

"Teenage Dream" album cover by Will Cotton

Apparently the art was inspiring.  When I was running late, the  girlfriend I was meeting ran into a male acquaintance of hers and sparks flew….  She and I walked around a bit, checked out the art, and when we were ready to leave he came back over and asked her to dinner.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that instead of taking home a nude she ended up taking home a date… that is unless they got frisky later.  I’m digressing…

Attendees included honoree artist Eric Fischl; Co-Chairs Chanel CEO Maureen Chiquet, husband Antoine Chiquet, Samantha Boardman Rosen and Aby Rosen; NYAA Board Chair Eileen Guggenheim, NYAA President David Kratz, Glenda Bailey, top NYC realtor Serena Boardman, gallery owner Mary Boone, writer Amanda Brooks, writer Bob Colacello, Dr. Fred Brandt, actor Ben Gazzara, Padma Lakshmi, designer Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, actress Gretchen Mol, designer Cynthia Rowley, fashion writer Helen Lee Schifter, model Hana Soukupova, Jamie Tisch, and Allure Magazine‘s Linda Wells along with participating artists Will Cotton, Donald Baechler and more.