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Open, Closed, and Coming Soon in LA …

10 Things you Need to Know about Pearl’s Liquor Bar (FKA Dukes Coffee Shop)

The Lore Group has now opened their second entity on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip called Pearl’s Liquor Bar next door to their first venture Rock and Reilly’s Irish Pub. Later this year the same group will open a rebooted Mirabelle’s restaurant, also on Sunset Blvd, in a bid to dominate hospitality in this key geographical area frequented by Hollywood power players and celebrities.

Rock and Reilly’s has performed well for celebrity investors with rumors of good returns. Will be interesting to see how Pearl’s will fit in to semi-annual block parties that The Lore Group holds in the parking lot above Rock and Reilly’s – (St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest parties are said to have been major financial successes as well as marketing opportunities.)

I visited Pearl’s Liquor Bar during construction and again after completion and was truly impressed by the décor, service and the professionalism that The Lore Group has shown. The restaurant has ample bars and room for a burgeoning bar scene that is slightly more grown up then what people are used to at Rock and Reilly’s but not stuffy or snobby.

Reservations are a must but staff is friendly and weeknights are suggested for a prime table on the rooftop patio overlooking Sunset Blvd. with a view of The Viper Room and The Hustler store … depending on where you prefer to look!

I sat down with the team and here is an insider’s guide to Pearl’s – 10 Things You need to know….

1) The third upper deck level was previously a roof/crawlspace used for storage by previous tenant Duke’s Coffee Shop

2) The chicken meatballs are a secret recipe bequeathed by Mirabelle founder George to the Pearl’s chef. The recipe has never been written down. Pearl’s kitchen had to give an oath the recipe would never be revealed or written.

3) Pearl’s is currently the Sunset Strip’s only non-hotel rooftop deck.

4) 853 pennies were used for the bathroom floors. Only one is tails up.

5) The year the original structure was built in 1910. The two upstairs bars were built from reclaimed wood from the original structure.

6) Recycled soundproofing material from a Hollywood recording studio is used in the garden walls to prevent sound from going into the neighboring hills

7) The staircase wall is actually the outside wall of neighbor, “world famous” Whiskey-a-go-go.

8) Coincidentally, Pearl’s garden porch swing was purchased from a boutique located in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon.

9) There are 32 hand cut silhouettes of Pearl in the custom railing found out front and upstairs at Pearl’s.

10) The hostess stand near the front entrance is an antique sewing machine table from 1928.

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Pearl’s Liquor Bar – photo cred: Alen Lin

Red Rock on Sunset Becomes ‘State Social House’

RIP Red Rock

RIP Red Rock

So, in case you haven’t been by in a while, Red Rock is no more. Let’s all take a moment to fondly think upon the attic up top once used for serious after hours, and then more recently for AA meetings. Even before that our intel tells us it was a funeral parlor where Errol Flynn was laid to rest (facts pending). While Red Rock had two floors, State Social takes on a third down below for cigars and a sports bar with windows overlooking Holloway … Ask for Connie if you go by! She’s a friend.