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Meet Eric Garcetti’s New(ish) ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’


Amir Tehrani — LA’s New ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’

We were recently at a party speaking with a guy who goes to USC (majoring in sociology) who told us he’s currently interning for “the Entrepreneur-in-Residence.” We were like, come again. He explained that Eric Garcetti appointed his boss to work in this position for the city of Los Angeles.

Oh, Audrey (Bernstein) is at it again!


Audrey Bernstein’s on her Kickstar Campaign page

You may know Audrey from being a fixture on the New York and L.A. social scenes assembling the who’s who of celebrities though her highly sought-after events and soirees including her star studded weekly parties, “Mothra” and “Karaoke Nights” in New York, and the famed “Cachet “at Les Deux Cafes in Hollywood. And if you do, chances are you caught her getting up on stage to sing once or twice.

After that she launched a bakery and went on to form Oh-Audrey, a younger, hipper twist on Martha Stewart, and later left LA on what was supposed to be a 6 month hiatus to snowboard the mountains of Stowe, Vermont (she was ranked 3rd in the US at one time, and 7th in the world overall).

Four years later she is known as the state’s gem of jazz. The Stowe Reporter said in a recent article: “When Audrey Bernstein picks up a microphone, people take notice.”

Audrey started a Kickstarter Campaign to release her debut album independently  (Maroon 5 has contributed!), Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue, a collection (named for her bunny “Blue”) of nine classic jazz standards including “Fever”, “Blue Skies”, “Angel Eyes”, and “The Thrill is Gone.”

Recorded, mixed and mastered … CDs will be made and delivered to your door once the Kickstarter’s fundraising goal ($6,000) is met. The project is live until April 1, 2013. Please support Audrey’s latest venture — if all goes well, many of her ex-pats can expect to see Miss Bernstein back in LA this summer getting the old gang back together for some local performances. Perpahs even a Truffle-hosted one!

Aaron Bondaroff’s Know Wave Pirate Radio

Exert from Opening Ceremony blog:

Top songs on your pre-game playlist? 

Whatever is on my pirate radio station, which operates out of my home Charles Mansion, in LA. The station is called KNOW-WAVE: there are always interesting guests and music playing sporadically. It’s kinda like Twitter or Instagram in that you have to keep checking in with it all day—things just happen when they happen.

Know-wave today 5pm PST special guest @bdeegee @lvfxzine & Tim Kohhh

Today Halloween and hurricane hide out – the @lesleyarfinshow – 6pm PST


On air now – @spinoffradio

#knowwave – tonight 11pm PST @vashtie @elmselms @timobarber@internetfamous #kevinspankylong


Tonight at 10pm PST – Neuz Pollution on live broadcast on 88.9fm Los Angeles @nnr


Three amigos – listen now

#cardate Tokyo @camillegarmendia @georgia presents @charlesrsmith NNOT,new news old tunes. Up to the minute news and old found records from grandmas garage – today at 3pm PST