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1% | The Daily Truffle LA - Part 2


Annual Milken Conference at Beverly Hilton

The event that brought Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim to town this week was the annual Milken Conference. With a kick off party Monday at Spago and events lasting through the week.

We got the skinny on the Milken Conference whilst in the steam room of the Peninsula Hotel. Carlos Slim and Bill Gates had just checked in largely unnoticed but it was Bill Clinton‘s visit for lunch that turned heads — secret service (its mandated for Presidents for life) and personal security dressed in plain clothes (albeit rather smart looking plain clothes) hoovered in the lobby. What brought the two billionaires and former 2 term President to town? Mike Milken’s annual conference across the street at the Beverly Hilton.

The Truffle went by the cocktail reception after day one of the conference on Monday night  at Spago with Tony Blair, Amber Valletta, Michael Bublé, several California politicians and since it was in Bev Hills, Mauricio Umansky was present of course 🙂 … It was a nice event in the backroom with an open bar, passed hors d’ouerves and desserts. One guy spoke for 5-10 minutes about internet privacy, making the crowd rethink their Facebook account (but then returned to their drinking). Everyone wanted to get pictures with Tony Blair who was as charming as ever. Amber Valletta’s presence felt random, but she was a bit of fresh air compared to the room of men in suits.

Enjoying the last panel at the Milken with Tony Blair, Bill Gates, H.E Paul Kagame and Rhonda Zygocki discussing investing in African Prosperity