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Tech Truffles

Facebook Co-Founder Injects $14M into Smart Rental Car Startup Silvercar

Billionaire Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has invested 14 million dollars into the car rental startup, Silvercar. Based in Austin, Silvercar offers a fleet of silver Audi A4’s to its customers in 7 cities – Los Angeles (LAX), Dallas, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, and Phoenix. Using their app, you can skip the rental line by scanning a QR code on the car which unlocks the car and allows you to get in and drive away.

Stanford 183B Lecture 2 is Up!

Stanford’s Free Online Startup Class is Back — 9/23 to 12/4! After Peter Thiel’s infamous CS183 class on startups at his alma mater Stanford last year, Stanford has planned a follow up course this fall; CS183B. The 20-session course will be taught on campus by Y Combinator President Sam Altman and feature tons of major names lecturing on how to raise money, company culture, operations and management, business strategy, sales and marketing. but all videos, reading materials, and assignments will be posted online on Sam Altman’s website,

Are Drones the New Black?


Jared Dunn (or “OJ,” as in: “Other Jared.” for fans of the show) at Disrupt Conference 2014 in a scene from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

About once a month I go have a few too many at the new Nobu and crash my drone into the sea in the Colony. I then go on Amazon in a state and accidentally check out with 10 in my basket. But for sober shoppers, and flyers, one will do. My drone from Phantom returns to it’s previous most upright and stable location as the world turns or as I am pulling triple lindys. Hashtag, amaze. I like to let it run while I am at work and use my iPhone to monitor what’s happening with the lookie-loos coming by from Old Joe’s.  #malibuproblems

In HBO’s very Truffle-approved new show ‘Silicon Valley,’ a drone was used to spot faces at their depiction of the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference.

Some assembly required